52 Reasons You're My Valentine

Introduction: 52 Reasons You're My Valentine

Hi!  This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a really sweet, easy, and cheap Valentine's gift that fits right into the palm of your hand.  This is how it will look at the end.

Step 1: Step One: the Materials

The materials you will need to make this gift are things that you can collect from around the house:
-A deck of cards (your 52 reasons)
-A gluestick
-Pictures of you and your Valentine
-Anything you want to decorate the cards (stickers, glitter, etc.)
-52 reasons why you love your Valentine
-Song lyrics and/or quotes that will relate to each reason

Step 2: Step Two: Pictures and Numbers

Next, you want to write the number on the card.  If it's reason #1-10, you won't have to change anything.  But if it's a number higher than 10, you need to write the next digit.  (For example, if it's reason number 21, you take a card with the number 2 on it and write "1" next to both 2 numbers.)
Underneath the number, paste your picture, leaving room to write the reason.

Step 3: Step Three: Write Your Reason

Now to write the reason!  Underneath the picture that relates to the reason, write it!

Step 4: Step Four: Quotes And/or Song Lyrics

This is the last step, but not least!  Now you want to take your song lyric or quote that you chose to realte to your reason, and write it on the back of the card.  (For example, our reason was, Your Smile, and our song lyrics to choose from were:  "I see sparks fly whenever you smile,"["Sparks Fly" by Taylor Swift] or "You smile, I smile." ["You Smile, I Smile" by Justin Bieber])

You can also choose to decorate the back of the card with anything you have!

That's how you make "52 Reasons You're My Valentine!"  Hope you and your valentine enjoyed. :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Did this along with a few other things for valentines day. My girl loved it. Thanks for the great ideal


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ha, I like this - romance on a budget, perfect for teens.