$55 Tarp Carport




Introduction: $55 Tarp Carport

This is just an easy and fast tarp carport/cover strung up between some trees.  The tarp measures 16' x 20' - I probably should have gotten a 20' x 20' cover.  The next phase of this little project will be to build a center support to give the roofline a little bit of a slope.

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    VadimS - Good suggestions. I'll still may have to put in a couple drain holes.

    If you want the water to run off, you should tie the back so it's at a good angle (25deg or so), I'd say tie the front a couple ft higher, then the back to the bottom of the trees it's currently on. Adding a center support could work, but because of the way tarps are made water will collect just before the edge (because the edge is stronger) and the weight will make it worse.