555 Timer Monstable Circuit!

Introduction: 555 Timer Monstable Circuit!

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How To Make A 555 Timer Monstable Circuit

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Step 1: What You Need

555 Timer

2x 10k ohm Resistors

1x 470k ohm Resistor


1x 220UF Capacitor


Jumper Wires

9 Volt Battery

9 Volt Clip

Step 2: The Build

Start by placing the 555 timer ic into the breadboard.

Step 3: Resistors and Capacitor

Now add the resistors to pin 2 and positive and pin 7 and positive and the capacitor to pin 6 and GND.

Step 4: The LED

Next add the resistor to pin 3 and the positive of the led to the resistor and the negative to gnd of the board.

Step 5: Jumper Wires

Connect wires in this order-

Pin 1 to GND

Pin 4 to Positive

Pin 6 to Pin 7

Pin 8 to Positive

Step 6: The Switch

Lastly add switch and connect a wire from pin 2 to one side and a wire from GND to the other pin.

Step 7: Finished

Now hook up the battery to the board and press the button!

The LED should stay on for a short period of time then turn off!

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