555 Chip PCB Schematic (Charge Controller)

Introduction: 555 Chip PCB Schematic (Charge Controller)

Chip Schematics for a charge controller for a solar panel or windmill.



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    2 years ago

    helo please sameone can give me the shematics diagram of this ; very importante for my projet;



    same design as Michael davis 555 charge controller :-), is the IRF540 on the left and 78xx regulator on the right? or is it the other way around? please get back to me as his cuircit with your pcb will be my first electronic project for me homemade 250w VAWT on a 12v system :-), also my email is hulkgq@gmail.com. thank you

    Can we have some (a lot) more detail?

    What is this PCB for?

    How do you make it?

    What do you populate it with?

    3 replies

    I mean... Any details at all. Just posting a diagram is not a lot of use without context at least.

    well like i said below it is a charge controller for a windmill. the circuit is to be able to transition between a battery supply and a dummy load when the windmill has fully charged the battery supply. so as to not overcharge the battery.

    Sorry guys, didnt post it for an actual guide. just needed to put it online so i could print it. But to answer your questions, its a charge controller for a windmill.