555 Police Lights

Introduction: 555 Police Lights

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police light are always have been a great fun project to make by hobbyists

Step 1: Materials You Need -

electrical components needed -
ic ne 555
resistors - 100k ohms
1 k ohms
100 ohms
blue led
red led
ic holder
1 uf capasitor

9v battery
and cap

materials and tools -
soldering iron
soldering wire
wet sponge

extra -
solder fume extractor

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Get Your Hands Dirty !!!

now at first insert your ic holder or ic into the pcb and solder a 1 k ohm resistor to the 8th pin of the ic and solder the 100 k ohm resistor to the other end of the 1k resistor and the left one to the 6th pin of the resisitor and the 7th pin to the joint of both resistors.

Step 4: Welcome to the Capasitor

now solder the 2nd pin to the 7th pin and solder the possitive capasitor to the 2nd pin of the ic and the negative side of it to the 1st pin.

Step 5: The Star ,, Leds

now take both leds and solder them in series and solder thier negative side to the 1 st pin of the ic and the possitive one to the 100 ohm resistor and then the resistor to the 3rd pin of the ic.

Step 6: Batt Cap and Finnishing

now take your battery cap, and solder its negative terminal to the 1 st pin of the ic,and its possitive terminal to the 8th pin of the ic with a switch there. you're done !!!

Step 7: Finnishing and Testing!

now put on the battery in and switch it on and the cops are ready !!!

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