Some of My Plasma Speakers


Introduction: Some of My Plasma Speakers

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Plasma speaker using a flyback transformer. It uses an SG3525 chip to switch two MOSFET's in a half-bridge fashion.

You can make one using a simple 555 timer circuit here



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    So they got the 'plasma frequency modulator & oscillator' working. BFD = it sounds worse than the transistor radios of the 1950's !! bad sound = no sale.

    Nice Instructable! I have a question though. Does the power supply need to be at least 8 Amps? I also have an ATX power supply from a computer, and it has a nice 12v rail, but I don't know how many Amps it is. Do you know if it's too high or low?

    Btw, did you try to make switch with opto-coupler? I was thinking, if put one opto coupler then you can remove MOSFET ( bypass heating losses). That would be cheaper and you could have bigger voltage in flyback cicruit. What do you think, is it possible to perform that ?

    then this scheme should not work (but it's working, some guy created plasma speaker by this scheme and it works fine:

    there are many pins in the bottom of the flyback, maybe there are some windings which works with lower voltage..

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    It will still function but you will not get as large of an arc.

    Yes but it would not sound very good since they work at frequency's of a few kHz (think of nails scratching a chalk board). MIDI and 8 bit chip tunes would song good though.

    great work, but I have one question: will be good the primary coil in flyback or it is necessary to have manualy wound wire?

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    Manually wind one, the internal one is designed to work with voltages of around 160vdc.

    The print on the small sticker on the flyback has worn off sorry so I am not sure.

    But any flyback will work fine for this.

    i support your song choice 100% (both for greatness and apropos-ness)