57 Chevy Classic Car Couch




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1957 Chevy Classic Car Couch 
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I built my 1957 Chevy Classic Car Couch a few years ago,  I lost the step by step pics of the build but included pics of the new parts needed to build your own.  *Its important to point out the cost of parts definitely reflects the quality of the parts and can be very misleading. Buyer Beware.  Its a couch so  the cheaper the better.  Example:  The price for (1) Quarter Panel can range from $400.00 to $1200.00 for the same part.  If you're build a show car, you would want to spend the extra $800.00's for the quality part.  This is where taking the time researching your parts, you can save a lot of money.  

A 110volt hobby mig-welder, basic body and sheet metal tools.     

I think this to be a fairly easy build, I would recommend to a novice. The most important step is to correctly fit all pieces, to be equally square prior to final welding.  

Looking back  This was the "wrong idea"  
I cut the rear section off of a 4 door sedan, at the time, it was a good idea.  The repair and prep was extensive,  If I were to build another, I would buy new parts.  The cost is a fraction of the amount of labor, the time it takes dealing with rusty bolts, jagged pieces of metal, cutting out all of the unnecessary sections, creating overlapping repairs, welding and dealing with the rust and undercoating. It takes a lot of time to get it right...
There's a big difference when you're working with nice, new, clean, rust-free panels, a few clamps, a measuring tape and a couple of welds and you stand back and admire your work. I spent days grinding filling and fabricating supports to keep it all together. A very good lesson.  
I fit and polished all of the chrome trim, re-chroming my parts wasn't in the budget.  The BelAir Trim is very nice with a very nice price to match...!  Cutting up brand new trim...didn't make cents...!  

I think we've all seen this style of couch before, not to often do you get to see the inside.  

To see theWow Factor Video... I highly recommend adding this option to your build. 

If your interested in building or having a custom couch built?   (any make or model)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like a parts list to build your own.

Thank You!  

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It would be nice to wire up the tail lights so they blink in caution mode so the spouse knows you need another beer......

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I think you'll approve of the Alert System Upgrade. I live in an apartment so I had to simulate the sounds. If i get the chance to record the real sound, I'll shoot video of the building evacuating....;)



    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, I must have one!!!!

    You could also make a table with some spare parts lying around.

    1 reply