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Have you been feeling the urge to breathe new life into your home? With 58+ DIY garden-style decor ideas in this article, you'll find lots of options for every room.

With inspiring projects for every room, you'll learn how to layer patterns and textures, and use colors, shapes and height to add freshness to your decor.

Focusing on items traditionally found in the garden, you'll discover how to easily re-purpose them into beautiful, affordable decorative accessories for your home.

Whether you're new to DIY projects or you're a seasoned pro, you're sure to find many easily-accomplished ideas to add a new spark to your home.

Step 1: Ideas 1 & 2: for a Porch

1. Make the most of your porch, front or back, by using a garden bench in front of a window for indoor seating.

2. Add texture, color and life on the window sill behind the bench by lining up several (odd numbers are better) outdoor flowering plants.

If your window sill doesn't have enough room, attach a narrow board (think 1X6 or 1X8) to the wall. Find the wall studs using a stud finder and mark their location on the wall. Transfer the marks to your narrow board and attach L-brackets to the board on the marks. Screw the board to the wall by placing the L-brackets on the marks.

More Ideas for a Porch

  1. Use monofilament to hang glass bud vase ornaments, fill the vases with water and add a single fresh floral stem in each. Hang them at different heights in a window as an 'valance adornment'
  2. Mix in faux boxwood orbs with glass ornaments as additional 'valance adornments'
  3. Outfit a birdcage with a light kit and hang it from a shepherd's hook for a DIY floor lamp
  4. Create a fresh or faux terrarium planting in the bottom of the birdcage to add color, texture and visual interest

Step 2: Ideas 3 & 4: for a Porch

Don't forget to dress your windows. Look around your home (don't forget the garage and shed) for curtain finials.Check out your yard and/or ask friends and family for grapevine or honeysuckle vine to add movement and visual interest to your windows.

3. Repeat the garden theme by using faucet wall hooks as curtain 'finials'. Another finial option might be to attach a garden spray nozzle to the ends of your rod.

Give yourself bonus points if the spray nozzles don't match!

4. Add texture, color and movement to your windows using natural grapevine to embellish unlined burlap tab-top curtain panels.

Step 3: Idea 5: for a Porch

5. Wire tree branches to existing curtain rods to create natural 'valances'.

Use this as an opportunity to do a little prudent trimming to the trees in your yard.

Layering these different textures, shapes and colors will add visual weight and a custom look to your windows without actually having to have expensive window treatments.

More Ideas for a Porch

  1. Suspend a faux boxwood wreath inside a grapevine wreath and use as a 'valance adornments'
  2. Tack several different bird silhouettes to various parts of your window to bring in color, movement and add visual interest

Step 4: Idea 6: for a Porch

6. Slip a candle (regular or battery-operated) into a clear vase, and then into a planter, to use as a lantern.

When using a regular candle , please practice safety first by making sure to use the candle in a vase. Never leave a room with a candle burning.

Use multiple planters to add more color, texture and candlelight

Incorporating multiple quantities (odd numbers are best) of the same item is a super-simple way to pack a lot of decorative punch in your decor. If the idea presented here is too much work for your lifestyle, use multiples of whatever you have handy -- lanterns, pails, crates -- it's up to you.

Use what you have and add your own creative touch - you'll be amazed at how fabulous your room will look!

Step 5: Idea 7: for a Porch

7. Cut branches from shrubbery in your yard to add drama, height and texture to a centerpiece.

Keep expenses down by turning to your own yard for natural decorative accents:

Curly willow, red or yellow-twig dogwood, forsythia and pussywillow are all great branch options.

Collect pine cones throughout the year as they fall from the trees. Transform them with a coat of spray paint for an entirely new look: glossy white, shiny metallics, even hot pink, turquoise or lime green!

If you're tired of branches in their natural color, spray them with a new color - it is amazing the difference a coat of paint makes!

Experiment with leafy branches in the fall by dusting the tips of the leaves with a hint of copper or gold spray paint.

Close-Up of Centerpiece

To add more color, texture and visual interest to your centerpiece:

Line the bottom of a large vase with moss.

Wrap a miniature decorative wire fence around a smaller vase and put Spanish moss into bottom of smaller vase.

Add centerpiece and insert the smaller vase into the larger one

Step 6: Idea 8: for a Porch

8. Tie a ribbon around a napkin and add a decorative butterfly clip as a napkin ring.

Step 7: Idea 9: for a Porch

9. Make DIY garden-inspired party favors:

Write your guest's name on a ribbon and tie it to a miniature gardem trellis as a placecard holder.

Place the tiny trellis in a moss-filled mug, topped with an embellished rock.

Step 8: Idea 10: for a Porch

10. Continue the garden theme at each place setting by layering landscape rocks in the bottom of a bowl vase. Nestle a decorative frog vase on the rocks. Add a fresh bloom to the frog vase, then set completed bowl vase on a circular mat cut from sheet moss.

Step 9: Idea 11: for a Porch

11. Use a salvaged garden trellis as a wall art backdrop.

More DIY Garden-Style Decor Ideas for a Porch

  1. Use the drawers of a vintage, distressed dresser to house miscellaneous items and to serve as a sideboard for the porch dining area
  2. Hang decorative wooden trays from the salvaged garden trellis as art
  3. Hang a planter filled with fresh greenery or herbs from the salvaged garden trellis
  4. Line a metal trug with napkins, into which clear vases are placed, each of which hold silverware for the dining area
  5. Use chalkboard markers to indicate silverware choices
  6. Use a tabletop birdbath as a serving dish

Step 10: Ideas 12 & 13: for a Porch

12. Use a vintage potting bench to hold lanterns repurposed as terrariums.

13. Bring in a tabletop fountain to add the soothing sound of water to the (almost) al fresco dining area.

Notice how most of the room is neutral and the space is brightened by pops of green throughout. The green color is repeated around the area through use of various textures, materials, finishes and glazes, all which work together to create a harmonious whole.

Close-Up of Lantern Terrariums

The lanterns used here are two different sizes, making it easy to create a visual dynamic. If you have a pair of identical lanterns that you want to use in a similar way, a simple trick is to use a box or book to raise one lantern higher than the other, thereby creating interest between the two.

Use some similar elements in each, as the pebbles and rocks are used above, to tie them together. The idea is to create harmony, not mirror images.

Close-Up of Water Feature

There's nothing more soothing than the sound of water, so consider bringing in a water element, if conditions permit.

Once again, the table fountain's green and neutral color scheme has been repeated to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Which DIY Garden-Style Decor Idea for a Porch is Your Favorite?

Step 11: Idea 14: for a Foyer

14. Layer a Venetian-glass mirror over a salvaged piece of grillwork. Add a small mirrored cabinet below the grillwork. Take advantage of the reflective surfaces by placing a fresh or faux floral arrangement on a cabinet, which is set in front of the mirror.

Close-Up of Floral Arrangement

The juxtaposition of the elegant Venetian glass mirror, mirrored cabinet and graceful glass footed vase and the utilitarian metal gridwork and galvanized filler vase makes the fresh arrangement of tulps and pussy willow seem natural and spontaneous.

Start thinking of ways to use your glam and gritty accessories together - it's a huge trend seen everywhere in the furniture and home decor arenas.

Step 12: Idea 15: for a Dining Room

15. Hang colorful ceramic planters filled with ivy or other fresh greenery on your buffet or wall.

Close-Up of Ivy-Filled Ceramic Planters

Notice the existing mirror on the built-in buffet. By adding in another mirror, adding multiples of yellow, ivy-filled planters and using white ceramics in different heights, shapes, sizes, and areas, the vignette is brought together seamlessly.

More DIY Garden-Style Ideas for a Dining Room

  1. Paint the frame of a vintage mirror, hang on buffet or wall, use a dry-erase marker to announce the day's menu.
  2. Use ceramic memo boards, also written with dry-erase markers, as food markers

Step 13: Idea 16: for a Dining Room

16. Layer a salvaged, spray-painted iron panel atop vintage wallpaper as wall art

Close-Up of Vignette

Once again, layering colors, textures, shapes and materials combine to create a stunning vignette.

Taken separately, nothing is very expensive, but when added together, the whole is far more than the sum of the parts.

The beauty of the whole is in its color scheme and grand scale, which is in keeping with the wall, the room and the whole home.

More Ideas for a Dining Room

Make a sideboard by adding feet to a pair of salvaged balusters and topping the balusters with salvaged planks or a reclaimed tabletop

Use slate tiles on the sideboard to add definition, color and texture

Place several large landscape rocks in front of the sideboard's main feature, the floral arrangement, for texture, to add prominence to the display and reinforce the color scheme

Step 14: Idea 17: for a Dining Room

17. Make a statement by creating a pair of large-scale floral displays in outdoor urns, then elevating them on outdoor wire stools.

Make Use of an Unheated Radiator Top as a 'Console Table'

The 'console' will act as a bridge for the floral urns; decorative items will repeat the room's color scheme, add texture, and the varying heights will create movement. Remember to bring in a living element with a terrarium.

Close-Up of Terrarium

The use of texture in a mostly neutral color scheme is what will elevate your decor above the norm.

By repeating a color in a variety of textures, you add visual interest and impact to your room.

Step 15: Idea 18: for a Kitchen

18. Use an outdoor bistro table and chairs as a breakfast set.

Close-Up of Tablescape

Who says neutral decor is boring?By bringing one bright accent color,in this case, yellow, everything goes from drab to fab.

Even the color of the drinking straws have thoughtfully chosen to work with the color scheme!

Step 16: Idea 19: for a Kitchen

19. Make the most of a sunny window: hang a metal rack as an herb planter.

Step 17: Idea 20: for a Kitchen

20. Layer a large wire planter basket over a drum shade. Tie decorative birds to the wire frame with ribbon. Line a drum shade with an aluminum mesh panel for added texture.

Step 18: Idea 21: for a Kitchen

21. Repurpose a vintage plant shelf as open shelving:

Keep often-used seasonings, spices, staples and foodstuffs close at hand.

Store frequently used small appliances on the open shelving.

Maximize floor space below the shelving by setting up pet food storage and a pet feeding station.

Step 19: Idea 22: for the Kitchen

22. Repeat the mesh panels by using painted and unpainted versions to serve as a decorative backdrop for hanging garden votive lights, displaying kitchen utensils, and small artwork.

Close-Up of Inset Wall

I am constantly astounded at how different the same thing looks in different colors. Case in point: the mesh screen looks totally different in glossy white and in its natural metal state.

By layering one over the other, depth and contrast are maximized and everything placed over the two screens are more vibrant and visible.

Step 20: Idea 23: for a Kitchen

23. Tie in the color scheme and repeat decorative elements in an open or glass-fronted cabinet.

If at all possible, include greenery to add freshness and life.

If you're not interested in plant maintenance, look for a good-quality faux alternative. Bad fake greenery can ruin everything.

Step 21: Idea 24: for a Powder Bath

24. Use moulding to frame spray-painted mesh screens; layer mirrors and various flowers as wall art.

Step 22: Idea 25: for a Powder Bath

25. Use clothespins to clip woven dish towels to a metal frame as a 'valance'.

Hang decorative birds from window frame.

Use clear flower-shaped magnets as 'finials' at the ends of the metal 'curtain rod'

Which DIY Garden-Style Decor Idea for Foyer, Dining Room, Kitchen or Powder Bath Do You Like Best?

Step 23: Ideas 26 & 27: for a Living Room

26. Create a focal wall using salvaged, spray-painted architectural grid as a backdrop for artwork.

27. Anchor the vignette by filling outdoor concrete planters with lush greenery.

More Ideas for a Living Room

  1. Illuminate artwork and the room with a pair of lamps, which echo the color scheme. Add fretwork-patterned shades to reinforce the garden theme. (Note: Be sure the lamps are not beyond the gridwork; they will appear 'disconnected' to the vignette if they are too far out)
  2. Repeat the room's color scheme with decorative accessories, including lanterns as terrariums, white and yellow vases, green and flowering plants and weathered-wood picture frames
  3. Add movement to the vignette by varying the heights of the accessories. Step back often while putting together the display to ensure balance and scale

Step 24: Idea 28: for a Living Room

28. Paint the fireplace wall an accent color. Hang a collection of square fretwork mirrors on the wall. Finally, place a rectangular planter filled with greenery on the mantel in front of each row of mirrors.

Step 25: Idea 29: for a Living Room

29. Fill an unused firebox with a rectangular concrete fountain. Soften the fountain with fresh greenery behind and alongside the water feature.

Step 26: Idea 30: for a Living Room

30. Build a coffee table using 6X6 cedar posts at different heights. Embellish with decorative tile and top with a polished-edge piece of glass.

Close-up of Coffee Table

The white tile is nothing more than a 4"X4" tile with a cutout for a decorative insert. These can be found at tile stores and home improvement centers.

They are an inexpensive way to get you to stop and really look at the coffee table and the intricacy of its design.


Step 27: Idea 31: for the Living Room

31. Paint terracotta pots glossy white, then stack them to create a floor lamp base.

Attach a wood lamp base bottom and wire the lamp using a DIY lamp kit.

Top your new floor lamp with a white shade.

Step 28: Idea 32: for a Sunroom

32. Use a vintage galvanized trough as a miniature-garden planter.

Step 29: Idea 33: for a Sunroom

33. Transform a vintage suitcase into a miniature-garden house, complete with window boxes and tiny furniture.

Step 30: Idea 34: for a Sunroom

34. Repurpose a watering can into a miniature-garden house, with an al fresco dining area.

Step 31: Ideas 35a & 35b: for a Sunroom

35a. Create a miniature-garden tree house with a twine rope ladder leading to a...

35b. ...serene sitting area in a leafy bower.

Step 32: Idea 36: for a Sunroom

36. Use a vintage peanut shell roller to create a floor lamp.

More Ideas for a Sunroom

  1. Install a large-scale leafy wallcovering with a metallic background as another way to reinforce the room's color scheme. Using a large pattern in a room with very little wall space will show off the design to its best advantage without overpowering the space.
  2. Repeat the color scheme with fresh trees and plants with a variety of leaf shapes and textures
  3. Repeat the color scheme using different shades and sheens of concrete and metal in the planters, stools, birdcages and peanut shell roller floor lamp
  4. Create a terrarium inside a birdcage, using a color-coordinating pot as the terrarium base
  5. Hang miniature distressed bird houses inside a larger birdcage to add movement, texture, color and a bit of whimsy

Which DIY Garden-Style Decor Idea for a Living Room or Sunroom is Your Favorite?

Step 33: Ideas 37 Through 41: for a Home Office

37. Salvaged porch posts affixed to wall to add visual interest, texture and reinforce the garden-style theme.

38. Make a banner by clothes-pinning greeting cards to wire as wall art.

39. Repurpose a painted birdcage as a planter.

40. Chandelier made from layered peek-a-boo baskets.

41. Create curtain rod/valance from salvaged picket fencing and hooks.

More Ideas for a Home Office

  1. Create a desk using a salvaged table base and a glass top
  2. Customize a clear-based lamp by hanging a bird-shaped sun catcher on a twig planted in 'earth' made of birdseed
  3. Reinforce the room's garden theme by hanging a large-scale metal bird-shaped book shelf as wall art
  4. Embellish neutral side chairs by layering burlap ribbon over a burlap panel on the chair inside backs and seats.
  5. A white trio planter on the desk serves as a pen/pencil holder

Close-Up of Embellished Side Chairs

Bird pillows add color, pattern and whimsy to the burlap-embellished side chairs.

Heighten the drama of plain linen chairs by layering wide burlap ribbon over a contrasting natural fabric panel which is kept in place with upholstery tacks.

The result is as temporary as you like - remove the panel and ribbon when you tire of it or keep it forever - your choice!

Close-Up of Salvaged Porch Posts, Greeting-Card Banner Wall Art & Customized Lamp

Notice the same six images are used on each wire, just rearranged.

This is a great way to use inexpensive notecards as dramatic artwork.

Close-Up of Basket Chandelier

Decorative birds have been added as embellishments to the baskets.

Close-Up of the Picket-Fence Curtain Rod

Various metal bird silhouettes have been tacked to the top of the picket fence for added visual interest.

An assortment of weathered hooks have been used to hang the natural linen tab-top curtain panels. It is the imperfection of the mis-matched hooks which lend charm and quirkyness to the room.

Close-Up of Bird Bookshelf

What fun is this oversized bird bookshelf! The galvanized finish lends a primitive feel, as does the simplicity of its design.

Not only is the bookshelf fun to look at, it offers the practical value of storage and display, giving the room's owner another opportunity to repeat the color scheme with a variety of texture, shapes and finishes.

Step 34: Idea 42: for a Girl's Bedroom

42. Create a oversized floral 'headboard' by screwing a board-mounted dropcloth at ceiling height. The dropcloth has been covered by gluing on various sizes and colors of permanent botanicals to create a lush, layered look.

Step 35: Idea 43: for a Girl's Bedroom

43. Make a pair of bedside pendant lamps using metal baskets embellished with hanging glass ornaments.

Close-Up of Bedside Pendant Lamp

Step back and notice that the majority of the room is neutral, giving the floral headboard and these bedside lamps center stage.

This is a case where less (color) is (certainly) more!

Under-View of Bedside Pendant Lamp

As with so many other ideas earlier presented, this one can be easily imitated or adapted to your situation.

Use it as an inspiration or jumping-off point for your own design! Don't hesitate, just do it! I know you can!!

Step 36: Idea 44: for a Girl's Bedroom

44. Repurpose a garden planter as a side table; fill the planter with rattan orbs, add a glass top to the planter.

Step 37: Idea 45: for a Girl's Bedroom

45. Combine a salvaged picket fence, grapevine, permanent floral stems and LED light strings as a window 'valance'.

Tiered sheer panels complete the romantic, feminine window treatment.

Step 38: Idea 46: for a Girl's Bedroom

46. Create jewelry storage by layering a vintage picture frame, with a hard backing, fabric covering and tiny hooks, over a section of picket fencing. Finish the vignette by bringing in potted flowering plants and single blooms in small vases.

Step 39: Idea 47: for a Girl's Bedroom

47. Take advantage of vertical wall space by painting a rustic ladder with glossy white paint and using it as a scarf holder.

Which of the DIY Garden-Inspired Decor Ideas for a Home Office or Girl's Bedroom Is Your Favorite?

Step 40: Idea 48: for a Hallway Bath

48. Tack moulding to the inside of your bath window to create window boxes.

Fill the window boxes with small planters of fresh greenery.

Add outdoor garden stakes as bright suncatchers.

Step 41: Ideas 49 Through 51: for a Hallway Bath

49. Mount a garden trellis as wall art.

50. Keep bathtime reading in place with birdcage bookends.

51. Decorate the toilet tank with a bird decal.

Step 42: Idea 52: for a Hall Bath

52. Add shelves to a birdcage and use as a towel rack and bath organizer.

Step 43: Ideas 53 & 54: for a Master Bedroom

53. Create a headboard with an area rug and floral embellishments.

54. Make bedside lamps from birdcages by attaching them to a spindle and base, adding burlap ribbon, rocks and pearlized fillables.

Close-Up of Area Rug Headboard

To be honest, I had never imagined an area rug as a headboard, but after seeing in place, it makes perfect sense! What's more, if you get tired of it, just take it down, unroll it and it's a rug again!

Close-Up of Birdcage Lamp

When I first saw this birdcage lamp, I saw the shrouded light bulb as the mama bird and all the little ornaments strewn across the bottom of the cage as the baby birds. What an adorable idea and so easy to modify to fit any color scheme!

Step 44: Idea 55: for a Master Bedroom

55. Add ceramic birds as cascading wall art, to create a vision of a flock in flight.

Step 45: Idea 56: for a Master Bedroom

56. Create floor lamps using 6X6 cedar posts and hanging pendant lights.

Step 46: Idea 57: for a Master Bedroom

57. Make a ceiling chandelier using capiz-shell wind chimes.

Step 47: Idea 58: for a Master Bedroom

58. Create a seating area, featuring a vignette using rattan cubes as shelving around floral artwork.

Close-Up of Rattan Cubes

Reinforce the garden theme using floral and bird-motif accessories.

Credit of All Photos : KateHon



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