5X5 Dot Matrix on Arduino (gets Text From Pc) Full Instructions and Script





Introduction: 5X5 Dot Matrix on Arduino (gets Text From Pc) Full Instructions and Script


With this you just type the text you want on your computer and your 5x5 dot matrix shows the message.

~25 leds
~Arduino uno
~5x 100ohm resistor
~and a bit of skripting

It took me a while to figure this all out but in the end it was quite rewarding. not really practical though. :)

Plz comment and let me know what you think.

Step 1: You Wil Need..

25 leds
Arduino-  have the uno-
Sharp nose [liers for hard to reach places (optional)
5x100 ohm resistors (brown black brown)

Step 2: Diagram

I know it looks sideways but this is how i connect it to my Arduino

Step 3: Starting With Connections

Here is how i coneckted the leds. it gets a bit conplecated but works. feel fre 2 try own metheds

I made it that all the anodes are connected down, like in the pic. the cathodes are so that only 2 are connected. The one on the left shears a line with the one on his right.

Step 4:

The catrodes are then connected to allow a horizontal connection as n the photo.

I just wired them all to a neutral location so that can connect them to my arduino easier

Step 5: To Arduino

now just connect according to the diagram with the resistors on the cathrodes. 

Step 6: Now Connect to Pc

Connect your arduino to pc upload the script, go to serial monitor, type your message and see your 5x5 dot matrix give you your message




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    14 Discussions

    program cant run,how?

    If we want to replicate this with an arduino, where do we put the resistors? If anyone knows can you help?

    The connections are mirrored on each side right?

    Can you please show more pictures of the other side connections. You only showed one side and it is a little hard to follow.

    Please can you give the the circuit drawing. I cant understand your circuit . email- soumojitash@gmail.com

    thanks, my own code used more code to initialize the matrix. now it's a lot easier and flexible


    3 years ago

    Sorry i can´t find the script, where is it?

    Nice job! I tried to make one myself but i made it 5x14 leds. Problem is i dont know how to fix the code, the columnpins are pins 0-13 and the rowpins are pins A0-A4. Any ideas on what to do? Id really appreciate your help.

    Thanks. Excellent project. But I am struggling with which leads are connected to which. Do you have a complete schematic with names that relate to the code? Or can you name each pin on the breadboard and what's connected to it?

    Very nice project ! It was very helpfull for me :)

    I was looking for some code to drive my dot matrix and this does the job very well. Also the code is easy to understand unlike other guides on the web!

    For now the code is used to drive the 5x5 part of my 5x7 matrix and with a little redesign it should run whole matrix with ease.

    Ive added a image of it running.
    Note i used 180Ohm resistors hidden under the matrix to limit the current..

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