5min Doc Brown's Shades From Back to the Future II




Tomorrow is the day Doc and Marty arrives from 1985 to 2015's Hill Valley. The future is NOW, and you need to be fancy for it!

You are still in time. In 5 minutes, with things you sure have around at home, you can make these sunglasses. Note they are only decorative, and should not be used for driving at 88 mph, since they are opaque. But you will look cool.

Step 1: Materials

You only need:

- Cardboard

- Wire and something to cut it

- Duck tape

- Knife or scissors

- Aluminium foil

- A pen

- A ruler

Step 2: Draw the Design on the Cardboard and Cut It Out

My design has the measures for an average adult head, but it's merely illustrative. You can modify the length to your own needs. I recommend to draw the half of it in paper, then cut it, and then use the pattern to draw the design on the cardboard twice, so the shades will be exactly symmetrical.

Then simply cut the cardboard with a pair of scissors or a knife.

Step 3: Attach the Wire and Wrap It With Ducktape

Cut some wire and attach it to the inside face of the glasses. Wrap one of the side pieces of the sunglasses so the wire wont move while you bend the cardboard in the U shape we need. You can use your own head to do so and check when it's perfectly bent. Then wrap the shades entirely in duck tape, being careful so the wire keeps in contact with the cardboard while you wrap it.

Step 4: Cover It With Foil and DONE!

Now the shiny touch! Heavy! Cut a large piece of aluminium foil and wrap it around the glasses. You can add some glue to the shades before doing that for extra attachment.

As you can see, the result isn't perfect, the aluminium foil is very thin and the texture of the ducktape can be seen on it. You can try to improve my design by using another type of tape. For me, is good enough like that, I have no more time! The future is NOW!

Thanks for reading and please forgive any grammar mistake I committed, I'm trying my best!

Also, this Instructable is in the Back to the Future Contest, so if you liked it maybe you can consider voting for it!

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    3 years ago

    It wont work. Aluminium foil is very very thin, so thin the texture of the ducktape can be seen and felt even trough it. Instead of trying to polish the foil, which will only make tear it apart, It's better to use another material (maybe plastic and metallic paint?). But then it wont be a 5min project, and maybe you don't have all the things already at home. Notice the main idea of my project was to finish it in time for a BTTF party which was about to start. In fact, I managed to make 3 of them, and I assure you they looked very cool like that.


    3 years ago


    Ÿou could make the sunglasses functional by putting a slit in each side. Or into reading glasses be putting a small hole in each side. In either case, place the opening so that it aligns with the pupil of your eye. There is a current Instructible that gives directions for this.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    You are right, in fact I thought about trying it, but it wasn't very important to see trough them this time (they were more for wearing in the photos we took, not the whole time) and I was afraid the holes will be noticed, so I decided to keep it like that.

    But if you are playing, for example, make a BTTF Doc's costume for halloween I will totally try to make a slit or a hole, as you suggested.

    Thanks for the idea!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Wow, didn't know there's a Back To The Future Contest! I haven't been around here lately. Thanks a lot! I'm entering right now.