6 Brilliant and Easy Steps to Organize Your Makeup Kit

Introduction: 6 Brilliant and Easy Steps to Organize Your Makeup Kit

Almost anything you can do to make your life easier is a blessing, so why not include organizing your makeup kit in the simplifying equation? That way, instead of spending precious minutes in the morning trying to unearth your eyeliner and shadow - only to rush through it and end up looking like one of the Walking Dead - you can, you know, eat, or actually sip your coffee instead of slamming it back like a Jager shot at a bachelor party.

Here's how you avoid makeup mayhem, in 6 easy steps:

1) Get the tools for the job. There are some great makeup cases out there, and if you can drop the coin for them, by all means, go for it. Or you can use a roll up organizer, which is easy to transport and easy to set up. But if you want an even less expensive option then you can go for something as simple as a shoe hanger, which goes for as little as $10 and is super simple to find. Hang it on the back of your bathroom or bedroom door (where ever you do your makeup) and you're always ready for action.

2) Put the bottom on the top. For the best look, you're going to want to start with your basecoat. This means the pillars of your skin care and makeup products, including primers, concealers and foundations. Put this at the top - or first station on the left - in your makeup kit. Make sure any sponges or applicators are with or beside your foundations/

3) Get your glow on. I'm talking bronzer and blushes. They go next. Again, the corresponding brushes go alongside.

4) Let your eyes have it. If you like to enhance your eyebrows, then that's your next step. Put them below or beside your bronzers and blushes. The there's the shadow, eyeliner and mascara trifecta. Line them up and put them on in that order with any separate brushes in tow.

5) Powder time. Your powder is important, since it acts to dull unwanted sheen and add a polished finish to your look. Do I need to say it? Brushes go beside!

6) Do your lip service. Never to be forgotten, pucker up for lipstick, gloss or balm. This is going to go in the lowest or last station of your makeup kit. Organizing it left to right, and/or up to down, depending on the kit you’re using.

Now, if you really want to take it to the next level (or if you are just really OCD), arrange your colours lightest to darkest and most matte to most metallic. And don’t let things get slack. In a matter of seconds, you can keep things organized, but once you let things slide...well, let’s just say you probably have better things to do then spend an hour restoring order to your makeup kit, right?


So keep your glosses in a row and your makeup kit will transform from a veritable warzone to a finely-tuned machine that will save you time when you're getting ready, and money when you don't have to run to the store to replace a product that got lost because it had didn’t have a home. End the senseless abandonment of cosmetics! Organize your makeup kit today.

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    Great tips. I am going to have to show this to my daughter.