6 DOF Prototype Robotic Arm

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the prototype of a 6 degree of freedom robotic arm. The prototype is made out of 6mm MDF and hot glue. The base joint is 3D printed PLA with two 608ZZ bearings, the servo couldn't handle the weight of the arm by itself.

The final version will be fully printable and i will upload those when they are done.

This project (this video, others to come and the full instructable) will be entered in the hurricane lasers contest. If you like this project I would greatly appreciate if you would vote.

More movies, pictures and an instructable will follow soon.



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    Question 10 months ago on Introduction

    I have a servo for a 6 axis dof, now when i connect it to the voltage it goes around and then stops, obviously it hit its mark end, now if I want to reverse it, what do i have to do? I am testing plus i will not be looking to control speed, i just want to have the servos move back and forth, so they have 3 wires. power, brown and orange. Please help. How to reverse the servo back the other way besides physically moving them. nautomation@yahoo.com