DIY 6-Swirls Wire Ring




Introduction: DIY 6-Swirls Wire Ring

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Like I've said in my previous ible that I've made a list of 10 swirly wire jewelries, well here's the second one- 6 swirls wire ring. Making swirly patterns using wire is really easy and fun and I'm sure you'll have fun making this swirly ring :)

Go make one!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this ring you'll need:

1) Crafting wire - 18-20 gauge,
2) Crafting pliers,
3) Mandrel,
4) Ruler - to measure ring size and wire for making swirls.

Step 2: Making the First Swirl

Firstly, measure your ring size and convert it into inches or cm, as you want.

Take the wire bundle and hold one end but don't cut the wire from the bundle,
Take a looping plier and make a small loop on the wire,
Start winding the wire around the loop to make the swirly shape,
Wind the wire around the loop 3-4 times, but not more than that.

This is the easiest way of making swirls with wire (or probably the only way!) :p

Step 3: Making More Swirls

After making the first swirl leave a few inches of the wire straight- (the length of your ring size in inches + 2-3 inches to make the second swirl),
Now cut the wire from the bundle after measuring.
Make another swirl on the other end of the wire as shown in the picture of this step, you can keep both swirls equal or make them of different sizes,
You'll need to make one more swirly wire piece like this one.

Center Piece:
Take the wire bundle and make another swirly pattern, then keep a few inches of the wire straight - (the length of your ring size in inches + 2-3 inches to make the second swirl + 2 inches extra),
Cut the wire after measuring,
Now, make another swirl at the other end of the wire, winding it in the opposite direction of the first one,

Place the 3 swirly wire pieces side-by-side, keeping the longer piece in the center of the short ones (see the last picture of this step)

Step 4: Arranging and Managing the Swirly Wires

You have to arrange and manage the swirly wires in this step.

Hold any one of the short swirly wires with the longer one (side-by-side) and slightly bend the longer piece around the short one as shown in the picture,
Hold the last piece of swirly wire and slightly bend it around the center piece.

Do the same with the other swirls on the other end of the wire.

Arrange the wires as shown in the last picture of this step.

Step 5: Coiling All Pieces Together

Take a piece of wire (4-5 inches),
Hold the 3 swirly wire pieces together (side-by-side) as arranged,
Now start coiling the 3 pieces together with the wire, coil the wire 4-5 times or as many times as you want.
You can coil the wire all the way to the other end but I didn't, I coiled the wire half an inch around both ends of the 3 swirly wires.

After you're done coiling the wire use a flat plier to flatten the coils, just to make sure that the coiling is secure. 

Step 6: Completeing the Ring

Now, simply wrap the straight part of the wires around the mandrel or a round object with the swirls facing towards each other.

You can easily adjust the ring size.


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14 Discussions


3 years ago

I love making rings like this, however, I think this is the worst tutorial I've ever had the unfortunate luck to experience.


5 years ago

this is just a general post about your swirl rings in general, but... I can't stop making them!!!

Muhaiminah Faiz
Muhaiminah Faiz

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

They look great! I always say, making swirls can be addictive!


6 years ago

my god..!!another swirly project..but I must say..this one is a masterpiece...!! good job..


6 years ago on Introduction

So elegant and beautiful! I'm starting to realize that swirls are addicting...I too am making tons of them with cords :D

Muhaiminah Faiz
Muhaiminah Faiz

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thank you sooo much linda! yes, I've noticed that, especially love the red one from your etsy shop :)

The Metal One
The Metal One

6 years ago

if you dont have a ring mandrel you can substitute socket wrenches and pliers to coil the wire for sizing

Muhaiminah Faiz
Muhaiminah Faiz

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

oh, that's a good idea or you can also use anything round which happens to match your finger size.

Ok, so its official now that you are going crazy over swirls ;) and this is one awesome looking ring. Great job done.

Muhaiminah Faiz
Muhaiminah Faiz

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

aha, it is! it's funny how I can't think of wire jewelries without swirls, I'm making these swirly jewelries & hoping that it might help me get rid of the swirl-obsession :D don't think it's working :p