6 Tips to Handle Never Ending Wardrobe War With Your Kid

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As the kids get older, they start recognizing themselves independent enough to pick their own clothes, shoes and accessories. Kids can give you one million reasons for not wearing a particular garment which they don’t like. Many toddlers become obsessed with dressing in a certain item of clothing and want to wear it day in and out.

Handling kid’s clothing issues can be really a tough task, but it’s not impossible. It will take some time and intense creativity to make them understand about the right things. Here are some real life solutions to win the wardrobe war against your kid:

  • Shop Together – Let your kid choose

A family that shops together stays together. Kids are the reflection of their parent’s behaviour. Show your kid how to dress, don’t just tell them. If you are going on shopping with your kid, you will not only get to know about their choices, approaches and possible course of actions. Whenever you are on a shopping sessions with your kid make sure you make them learn about different things like colour coordination, fabric sense, cultural etiquettes and budget constraint. Your little princess or brat always wants the most fashionable apparel, so it would be better if you go through the fashion forecasts of the current season to avoid any confusion.

Tip: It is important for all the parents to keep their ego aside and let the kids have their freedom of expression. Shopping gives them a sense of self-confidence and self-empowerment.

  • Loose it up!-Make them wear clothes which are comfortable and durable

Your little one wants to shine all the time! If you are looking for a regular day wear then avoid purchasing heavier, less stretchable or tighter clothes as they are uncomfortable. Purchase cotton dress instead of tight jeans. Do not let the kid wear anything that is wet or damp as this will lead to fungal infection.

Tip: Make your kid wear comfortable summer dress which shouldn’t have a turtle neck or high neck they find it difficult in putting them.

  • Avoid Fussy Frills Around the Neck

While purchasing comfortable summer clothes for kids, make sure there are no frills, designs or weird embroidery. Laces and coral frills do look good, but cause pain due to sensitive skin. Also, remember to avoid zippers, buttons and embroidery which may poke the baby. The baby need not be overdressed. All what the kid needs is a little more than what is comfortable for you. If you are okay with a thick cardigan, the baby will perhaps need a lighter sweater as well.

Tip: Buy a slightly larger coat so your child can step into and shrug out of it without completely unzipping it.

  • Set Some Options:

To avoid some fussy argument with your kid, choose a set of options and let your kid decide which they want to wear. In such situation, all that you can do is to provide options and be sensitive to your child's needs. You can also create a look book of your kids apparels. To save time in the morning has your child look through the book the night before and pick out an outfit and pull out the clothes for the next morning. Your little princess or brat always wants the most fashionable apparel, so it would be better if you go through the fashion forecasts of current season to avoid any confusion.

Tip: Make a written chart of clothes in your kid’s wardrobe and hang it near the closet area. These will help them to keep track of what he/she needs to dress in before leaving the house.

  • Go for baby Socks and Shoes Only When Needed

Kids simply hate wearing socks and shoes as they love to walk barefoot. Some children have tactile sensitivities that make it hard for them to feel comfortable in certain clothes. These sensitivities can make it difficult for parents to get kids dressed. Rather than getting hyper in such situations, it’s better to understand their problem and look for a favourable solution to overcome it.

Tip: Purchase seamless socks for your kids as they are perfect for the sensitive skin. Seamless fabric wick moisture away and antimicrobial benefits helps to inhibit odour.

  • Close Negotiation With Your Kid

At some point, you may find that it’s not worth the tantrums, arguments or frustration to insist that your child wear proper clothes. If your kid is wearing something really ‘out of this world’ then instead of arguing with them tell them about basic dressing sense etiquette. Teach them about colour coordination so they don’t create any goof-up in future. So make your bets and let it go. At this stage, you can even encourage your toddler to dress themselves.

Tip: Set guidelines for your kid apparel. Tell them about positive things instead of some negative advice.

Whether it’s a matter of clothes not matching or convincing your child to bundle up in harsh weather, handling wardrobe issues can be tricky. Follow the steps mentioned above to avoid childhood clothing syndromes.



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