6 Year Old's Room

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It's sad how small my son's room is.  Well, it's sad how small all the rooms in our house are.  Our family is growing and my husband and I have to fit a crib into our room.  We are forcing our son to share his closet with his soon to be born brother.  His book shelf now has baby books on it.  There is a stroller folded up and tucked under his bed.  I don't want to make him get rid of his things, but there simply is not room for everything in there now.

We have been picking up shelves and toy boxes here and there so that there will be places to put stuff.  If I had the money though, I would LOVE to get MATCHING storage units (with doors to hide the junk inside?!?!?) to make his room look more like a bedroom and less like a yard sale.  I look at IKEA's website and daydream about the functional, clean, clutter-free rooms they have displayed.  Here are some of my favorites, and what I like out of them.

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    4 years ago

    You should try a Walmart or 5 below they have great organization stuff and for cheep