6 Skein Yarn Caddy

Introduction: 6 Skein Yarn Caddy

I hated to throw out such a perfectly good cheese ball container, and this is what I came up with.
You could use any container and decide how many skeins it might hold. Just make sure you wash the container thoroughly to keep from getting your yarn covered with food debris.
This is a great project if you have little ones who just love to pick up and run away with your yarn!

You will need:
Plastic container with press on lid (not screw-on)
Electrical Tape

After washing and drying thoroughly, start by drilling holes in the lid, using a bit that is big enough for thick yarn to come through.
Brush and pick away any threads of plastic still attached. You can make as many yarn openings as you like for your use. Think about current projects as well as possible future projects. I chose 6 for the size of my container. There's no harm in making a couple extra openings, just in case!

Cut lengths of electrical tape slightly longer than the diameter of the yarn opening and equal to the number of holes you just drilled.
Make sticky doughnuts by wrapping the tape around the drill bit to get the best fit.
One at a time, slide the doughnuts about half-way through the yarn openings.
Use scissors to cut slits in the tape all the way around the doughnut on both sides of the lid.
Press the strips of tape outward by pushing your finger tip in the center of the doughnut; press all the strips firmly against the lid of your container.

Place your skeins inside and thread the working ends of your yarn through the holes.
I like to tuck in the ends of yarn I'm not using and snap the lid over them so that they don't fall back inside.
A clear container can also hold your pattern for easy reference.

Stitch your heart out!
I've had several people inquire about this. It was incredibly easy, and I was happy to find such a useful way to upcycle the container! Also- it was totally FREE! No incidentals to buy to complete the transformation. I may have to decoupage the label, though. Gotta curb that cheese ball craving!

Enjoy, everyone!

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Now if only I had some of these lovely containers! (A great excuse to go get a big jug of pretzels!)

    Gato Nipon
    Gato Nipon

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Man this is just perfect. This christmas I gave my grandmother a set of wool yarn skeins and she've been pulling those things from a basket I gave her too, and they keep falling out. This will sure give a big help to her. Thank you a lot.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea that looks really handy! I could use one of these it would prevent my cat from attacking the my balls of yarn.