$60 Backpack Water Filter for $20





Introduction: $60 Backpack Water Filter for $20

Lifestraw water filter $20

Step 1: Cut Off Cap From Intake End

Step 2: Drill 1/4" Hole in Intake Cap

Step 3: Grab One Gallon Freezer Bag and Cut Off One Corner, Just Smaller Than the Diameter of the Straw

Step 4: Place Cap Inside Bag. Snap Securely Back on to Straw

Step 5: Fill Your Bag With Water and Apply Gentle Pressure or Suck Straw to Prime.

Fill your hydration bag, drinking bottle, pot or cooking bag with clean water good for 1000ltrs according to manufactures notes.



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    Use camel bag to hold dirty water hook adapter and gravity drain into clean water bottle.


    I'd just collect water in a bag and drink through the lifestraw

    Good solution! I love the lifestraw.