$6.00 Emergency Wrap-Around Hobby Desk

Introduction: $6.00 Emergency Wrap-Around Hobby Desk

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We moved a few months ago and I had friends in town who wanted to see the place. So I needed to get all of my R/C stuff off the floor and make it look somewhat presentable.

I had some MDF shelves I took out in the basement that where 20" wide. I was about to give them away on craigslist but instead here we go...

Witness the 2 hour $6:00 Wraparound Hobby Desk

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Step 1: The Hardest Part

We are gonna go threw this quick...

Loosing light and friends are on their way.

Figure out your desk hight and attach cleats to the wall...

Naturally I ripped a piece of MDF into 3 4" wide strips. Marked the studs and slapped them on the wall.

I'm going quick remember... Yes it is level yes it is secure!

Side counter hight is 42". Normally standing desk's are 44" but that would not alow me to look into or work on my planes fuselage's easly.

The desk under the window is a standard 38"

Step 2: 2X4

I ran to Home Depot and bought 3 2x4's for $2.00 each

Take the same measurements as the cleats on the wall.

Cut the 2x4's
Pre drill and countersink

Secure the counter to the legs and the cleats with screws.

Step 3: Bring in the Goods

Take all of the good looking stuff and put it out on the desk... Throw all of the crap into the closet and close the doors...

Step 4: Make Sure the Boss Likes It

Move in all R/C aircraft and trucks and have it throughly inspected by the boss.

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