$.69 Storage Boxes




Introduction: $.69 Storage Boxes

Using free boxes from USPS and a couple things from a craft store and home you can make nice looking boxes for only $.69

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Step 1: Order Boxes From USPS

1. Go to USPS.com
2. Hover your mouse over "Shop".
3. From the drop down menu select "Get Mailing & Shipping Supplies".
4. Pick what you want.
5. You have to create a new account unless you have used it before but it's easy.
6. Voila! They should get to you within a month but it depends sometimes it's slower or faster.
Boxes are completely free although it takes a while. The small flat rate ones are good for holding pencils, markers ect. The medium is good for spray paint, glue gun, duct tape ect.

Step 2: Fold

1. Lay box out flat.
2. Fold in the sides and end.
3. Fold top over.
4. Fold the side tabs into the holes.
5. Peel off the sticky protector.
6. Close

Step 3: Duct Tape the Sides

Put a single strip of duct tape around the side of the box. Make the "to:" "from:" is on the top

Step 4: Cut Top

Cut above where you put your duct tape with a knife. I cut my lid vertical but it can be horizontal too.

Step 5: Apply Duct Tape to Ragged Edges

Put the duct tape over the edges you just cut.

Step 6: Cover Lid

Cover lid with ductape and fold over edges of lid. I don't care about the inside or bottom but at this point you could cover those.

Step 7: Attach Elastic

Stable to the bottom. You have to fold over the metal bits that stick out on the other side. Stretch over the lid and make sure it's tight. Hold in place and staple.

Step 8: Done!

You can add labels, stickers ect.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I don't think this is legal. I think it's okay to reuse these boxes, but not to order them without intention to use them for Priority Mail.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    you are correct. The fine print one agrees to when ordering the boxes prohibits their use for anything else. That's why they're printed inside; people would assemble them inside out to send via other shippers or other USPS methods (media mail, for example).