6ft Tall, Remote Control, Tilt-Rotor, Flying Ghost Scars Children for Life


Introduction: 6ft Tall, Remote Control, Tilt-Rotor, Flying Ghost Scars Children for Life

For this Halloween, I was inspired to create a flying ghost to terrorize small children. The motors, speed controllers, servos, radio, and battery are all normal RC parts. The brain is a KKMulticontroller, and the frame and costume are made by me.

Check out my blog for more info. Thanks! 



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    That was hilarious. Great work!! Men need to be able to sew!!! Great Skillset!!!

    Awesome! Maybe cut up some glow sticks and apply them to it or glow in the dark paint/ fluorescent paint and a black light? In keeping with the scarred for life theme; make sure that you use stainless props and hone them nice an shiny for those that aren't smart enough to run. For less permanent scarring having something that made the props fling blood might be fun to try to figure out. That man scared me :(

    Maybe next time make one with a helium balloon and a quieter prop to really get them good.

    add s speaker with a microphone so u can speak and it says it :P


    A question: How were you able to balance it in the air? I could only see two rotors.

    Your desk looks similar to mine during a project build, haha :P

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    I assume that the weight of the fabric would lower the center of gravity to below the rotors, this causes it to balancer itself out.

    if you could some how have it project the sound that the camera is picking up, that sounds a lot more creepy than the normal RC motor sound that you can hear when you're next to the thing