6th Generation IPod Stands



About: I like making things out of parts that would otherwise be thrown away.

This Instructable will show you how to make two different stands for a 6th generation iPod.  The first is very simple and is made out of two sticky notes.  The second is made out of Legos and is adjustable.

Step 1: The First Stand

To make the first stand you will need to make two parts with two sticky notes.  The first is made by folding the sticky note so that there is stickiness on both sides.  Fold it again so that it makes a smaller square.  Then fold up a little piece of all four layers of paper.  To make the second half of the stand, fold the second sticky note in half.  There should be stickiness on both sides.  Fold it again so that you have a smaller square.  Now you need to put both pieces together.  Stick the back tab of the first piece to the sticky part of the second.  Now stick the front tab of the first piece to the front of the second.  The pictures explain it better.  You are done with the first stand!

Step 2:

Now to build the second stand.  To start, you will need to put a swively-thingy on the 4x6 piece and on the 2x4 piece.  Then you'll need to stack the 1x4 flat pieces on top of each other.  (I used flat pieces so that I can adjust the size of the lip.  If you want, you can use one 1x4 piece of a regular thickness.)  Now you need to attach the three pieces to the same end of the 4x6 piece as the swively-thingie.  Now all you have to do is attach each part to the 4x4 piece.  Once again the pictures explain better.  You are done with your second stand!



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