7 Projects With 7 Liquid Ice Containers : #1+2




What happens when you get 7 Ice Breakers Liquid Ice packages, plenty of time on your hands, and some basic materials? You start making stupid crap out of the containers.

These upcoming projects will show you how to make some pretty fun, but usable objects. Let's get started, shall we?

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Here are the things you need to make these first two projects.


A Pair of Clippers
A Sharp Knife
Corse 80 Grit Sandpaper


2 Ice Breakers Liquid Ice Containers

Step 2: Preparing the Containers

These containers are very unique in the way that they are designed. It consists of three parts...

a) The plastic body
b) The lid (see picture for parts)
c) The lid bridge

To take this apart, follow these steps.

1) Pry the plastic body away from the bridge
2) Dump all of the liquid ice mints into a plastic bag.
3) Stick the sharp knife in between the bridge and lid and pry

All three parts should be seperated from each other now. This leads to the first project, a better dispenser.

Step 3: Poject 1 : the Better Dispenser

The first project with these containers is to make a better one. In short, the first project is a tutorial-like project. Here is how to make the new dispenser.

1) Take the plastic bridge and set it aside, it's going to be taken out of the new dispenser.
By removing this bridge, you can hold up to 7 more mints.
2) Cut, with your clippers, the opening and increase its size as much as possible.
3) Re-attach the plastic lid to the body.

Now that's over, you can re-fill it with mints.

My suggestion would be to use it for one thing, BB's. All of the fuss with funnels and boxes is just a mess. Isn't it better to have this thing in your pocket with 40 BB's ready to load? That's what I thought...

Step 4: The Ice Breaker Guitar Pick

That's right, guitar pick. This is one of the thickest, but at the same time pliable guitar picks you will ever own. Let's get started. Use the pictures to aid you though the process.

1) Seperate all of the parts.
2) Disregard the lid and bridge, they will not be used.
3) Put the clippers inside the container and cut it in half as shown.
4) Trim the halves in the shapes that are desired.
NOTE Do not cut into extremely intricate shapes, the plastic WILL break.
5) Use your peice of 80 grit sandpaper and sand the sharp edges down.

Optional) Get a lighter and heat the desired area for about 2 seconds under a bare flame and quickly start to bend with the clippers (which I said earlier can be used as pliers if grasped gingerly).

Step 5: That's It for Now!

Stay tuned for the next 5 projects using these containers!



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      10 Discussions


      10 years ago on Introduction

      mmmhhh, I use it for carrying picks on it instead. They fit perfectly and there's room for 4 or 5


      11 years ago on Introduction

      At the time i was using a camera that has 4x digital zoom and I can't afford another. Also I didn't know about pdn before so everyone will just have to live with the image quality.


      12 years ago

      Guitar picks. . ? I guess so, seems like it might ruin your strings with the super heavy plastic picks.

      2 replies

      Reply 12 years ago

      It won't. Once the sides are sanded it thins out to be about the same size and consistancy as a medium-heavy guitar pick. The insides are thick though, making them great guitar picks.


      Reply 12 years ago

      In that case, "Guitar picks ahoy!"


      12 years ago

      The church band makes guitar picks out of various plastic containers all the time. They tend to lose/break picks so much that sometimes this is a necessity! Excellent recycling project.


      12 years ago

      The big circular ones with the two hatches are great for little screws and such :)