7 Secret Compartments




Introduction: 7 Secret Compartments

Here are a few secret compartments, or places to hide things.

Step 1: Compartment 1

This compartment might seem obvious but sometimes it works. The first step is to find a flashlight. Next unscrew the cap of it. Put your valuables in the flashlight and screw the lid back on. You can place on a shelf, table, dresser, anywhere really.

Step 2: Compartment 2

This one is good if you have a lot of CDs around. The first step is to remove the black plastic part. I used a flat head screwdriver. Next if you want to add a piece of paper to make it look "natural" then you can. Then stick it in a pile of CDs and your good.

Step 3: Compartment 3

That is the bottom of my dresser. Under it there is about 1 inch that you could put something up their. Like an envelope of money taped to the top. 

Step 4: Compartment 4

Pretty self explanatory. But I explain it. This is an old outlet that used to have a switch but no long does. So its a good spot to hide some stuff. Step one is to remove the cover. Step two is stick your goodies in the box. Finally screw the cover back up.  

Step 5: Compartment 5

This is an RC snowmobile. This one is good because it has a place for the 9.6V battery it uses which can also double as a pace to store stuff. *note this should work with ALMOST any RC car with a place for the battery(s).

Step 6: Compartment 6

This is pretty simple to maybe store a key or or coins. For this one i took a medium sized rock and epoxied it to a pill bottle. The you can take it out side and put it near a door or some grass.

Step 7: Compartment 7

Drop ceiling. This compartment might not work for everyone. But i have a drop ceiling in my basement and its a great spot to hide things.Just push the tile up place you object up there and put the tile back into place. *note the item can't be very heavy or it might damage the ceiling.

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