7 Segment Display Clock

Introduction: 7 Segment Display Clock

In this inscrutable I will be showing you how to make a digital clock!

You will need:

A sun founder kit

Which includes a bread board, jumper wires, buttons, LED's, and a 7 segment display.

You also will need an arduino

the sun founder box


usb cord

battery pack with usb plug in spot

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Step 1: Wiring the Clock

To make the clock work properly you need to wire every wire in the right spot. To see wear the wires plug into search: SMA20564 on the computer. Click images and you will find a diagram. Also see above. The 7 segment display metal pins are labeled a through g. No resisters are needed for the whole thing. Also make sure that you add 2 buttons for the hour and minutes. The code will tell you where to put them.

Step 2: Writing the Code

This link will give you the code


You need to match the wiring to the correct pins on this code because if you don't then the clock will not work. So if in the step before this, if the wiring doesn't match, you will have to fix it to match the code.

Step 3: Housing the Clock

Now that you have the clock "working" you need to make it pretty. So you can take the sun founder box, and poke the display in it. Then attach the wires to the pins according to the code. Tape the arduino to the bottom of the box. plug in the wires to the arduino. The bread board with the buttons also goes into the box. You can peel off the adhesive sticker, and stick the bread board onto the box. Now you can plug in the battery pack to the arduino and the clock should work! You can set the clock using the hour and minute button.

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2 years ago

I'm using an arduino uno and i couldn't get the code to compile, the error message gave no further explanation and i was wondering if you had any clue on what to do, thanks.