7 Steps to Use MyLearning System Enhancements for Administrators & Coordinators

Introduction: 7 Steps to Use MyLearning System Enhancements for Administrators & Coordinators

The ELM (Enterprise Learning Management System) is a database designed to work in tandem with a human resources database to help manage training and development. The ELM can help users manage courses, manage student profiles, attendance tracking certifications and much more. In 2013 we have introduced enhancements to help administrator and coordinators of the system perform the most common tasks. Activity end date, Reminders, and Monthly Communication.

This instruction will explain In 7 steps enhancements made to the system and you will be on your way to managing within the ELM!

Disclaimer: The steps outlined in these instructions are for persons who have a security role in PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Learning Management System.If you are attempting to access menus outlined in the steps and do not have these options please contact your IT helpdesk to submit a request for access.

Materials List:

1. Computer with internet access - (select roll over text on photo to view example)
2. Workplace network connection
3. Prior training or knowledge of PeopleSoft HCM Software
4. Security role granted in the ELM (Administrator/Coordinator)
5. These instructions

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Step 1: Log Into MyLearning

Navigate to the MyLearning log in screen (this will be dependent upon your workplace system access.) Once you are connected to your workplace network, log into MyLearning using your user ID and password credentials.

Step 2: Create a New Activity

Activities such as classroom and instructor led sessions will typically have an end date. The start and end date identify when an activity begins and ends. The end date is required for activities that have a defined ending date so that learners are not confused and enroll in a past training event.

Create a new activity from the menu or follow the path noted here to navigate:

·Main Menu> Enterprise Learning>Catalog>Maintain Activities

·Select Create New Activity

·Your screen will look similar to the image noted here.

·Fill in the information about your activity in each field

·Once you have completed remember to enter the end date for the activity

·Click "Save"

If you forget to save and do not enter an end date you will receive an error message until you populate this field. Don't forget to click "Save".

Step 3: Auto Populated Reminder Template

When the system was introduced the process to send an activity reminder required administrators/coordinators to enter a system template name and the number of days before an event to notify a learner of an upcoming training. There is only one template in the system.

Rather than leaving the field blank or requiring a template to be entered the enhancement made will auto populate the notification template field along with the standard number of days that the system will send a reminder to the learner.

This step requires no action on the part of the administrator or coordinator. It removes a step. Both the template and send reminder day fields are editable. If you choose not to send a reminder or want to change the number of days you want to notifiy learners you can leave the fields blank or enter your own information.

Step 4: Monthly Communication From the System

To allow coordination and maintenence of your training activities we are introducing a new feature. A monthly communication will generate from the ELM letting you what activities need to be maintained. In the past you would have needed to keep a list of activities that you manage and update them weekly.

While spot auditing the ELM we found that activities were not being maintained. The process that an administrator or coordinator goes through in order to keep these records current was reviewed and found that it was time consuming and inefficient.

As a result of the improvement you will now receive a monthly e-mail from the system for the activities you manage. The e-mail includes a list and a clickable link to each activity. The goal is to update your activities on a monthly basis by providing you a list of items to review.

Step 5: Mark Activity Concluded

Marking activities concluded ensures that learners do not continue to enroll in activities that have already occurred. Reporting will also produce cleaner results. Below is an example of marking an activity Concluded. The monthly communication in step 4 asks you to open activities requiring maintenence.

The most common update is marking activities concluded. To update the activity status select "Concluded" from the dropdown menu. Always remember to click "Save" when you are done.

Step 6: Reporting

Reports generated about training activities help determine resources, system usage, effectiveness, and cost of providing training.

The examples here show how a report generated to track activities would look. The output of this type of report (the data) is what is useful for human resource anaylitics and compliance.

This step demonstrates how using the enhancements made to the system and users maintaining system data assists with accurate reports.

Step 7: Resources

Learning more about the systems you interact with will help you work more efficiently. These instructions explain the basis for enhancements made to the ELM. It is always recommended to continue your knowledge on topics and systems which you are involved.

This step recommends you to do a little research while working in the system.

At work I am a resource for Administrators and Coordinators.  For the purpose of these instructions I have included helpful sources of PeopleSoft information to assist your understanding of the system software.

PeopleSoft PeopleBooks
PeopleSoft ELM 9.1

Resources video

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