7 Tips to Formulate Real Estate Marketing Strategies

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marketing is far from being a simple task. You can think of marketing as a well-formulated diet plan where you need to eat right as well as exercise. Just as it is not enough to have an apple and go to the gym once, simply it is not enough to undertake marketing activities only once and expect incredible results.

As a real estate agent, you are bound to experience common challenges like declining market or stiff competition. One of the best ways to increase business as well as stand out of the crowd is through the usage of an array of marketing strategies. There is little need to spend money always. You can also get the job done by following a few simple strategies.

1. Form Alliance

Forming alliance with other real estate professionals in the area like appraisers, title companies and mortgage originators helps. Through client referral, you can get business your way. This form of free marketing aids in reducing overall marketing cost and is time-saving as well.

2. Centralise and Grow Email List

Emails pose as a significant tool for business chiefly for two reasons.

1. Unlike the social media platforms, this is decentralised. Emails, moreover, help with having a direct line of communication between you and the people you know of.

2. With the aid of a robust contact list, it is possible to take information anywhere and plug that in.

Note the following notions.

· The marketers rank email as one of the most significant strategies for acquisition, awareness, retention as well as conversion.

· 70% people have pointed out that they open emails from the companies they like most.

3. Be Mobile as Well as Responsive

Going mobile is vital. This is not just for posting on the social networks while on the go, but it is also significant to remain accessible always.

Your emails and website must be designed for different devices as well as screen sizes just as it is vital to be responsive. A significant percentage of emails are opened on tablets or phones. Facebook has around 650 million active users on the mobile devices. Mobile traffic to websites accounts for around 30% of total visits. You can easily guess that there are plenty of reasons to ensure that your business is mobile friendly.

What does being mobile friendly refers to?

Being mobile friendly ensures that whoever reads the emails or visits a given website, enjoys a nice experience; this experience aids in creating a positive perception of business.

4. Use Hi-Tech Tools

There is an abundance of technology tools hitting the market today. They aid with promoting commercial real estates, right from the basement start-ups to the sophisticated enterprise solutions. There are several integrated listing as well as data platforms, 3D rendering tools, online space planning resources as well as websites that assist the developers to raise investment capital by means of crowdfunding.

5. Value Professional Photography

Each listing, regardless of the prize point, must utilise professional photography. Photographs may draw people in as well as turn them away. The professional photos may be used online, featured on the company website or the personal website as well as multiple other online platforms. They can also be used extensively in social media, brochures, editorials, postcards as well as an array of branding, marketing as well as print advertising avenues.

6. Do not Overlook Online Marketing

Well-presented online presence is key to reaching out to the masses. Make sure that the things you are putting up online are not just beautiful but intrigues and interests the audience so that they can linger a little long, share the information and visit again.

7. Get Reviews

Referrals are one of the best ways to spread word about the services that are on offer. Even after a client hears you being recommended by an individual, there is a high chance that the potential client will be searching for reviews or check out on the ratings. A significant section of the consumers nowadays looks for online reviews before they decide on making a purchase.

The small business owners believe that reputation management and reviews deliver positive ROI, solidifying the value of coming with proper review management policy in place.

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