7 Peice Kenex Handheld Gun




Introduction: 7 Peice Kenex Handheld Gun

in this instructable i will show you how to make your very own 7 piece knex handgun.
im sorry about the video agian whith the old camera and me being chap ...... such and such

Step 1: Pieces You Will Need

You will need 3 full circles and three half circles. You will also need a blue rod one size smaller than yellow and one size bigger than white. You will need a rubber band too.

Step 2: Build It!

This video sucks, I know. But try to follow it the best you can.

Step 3: To Fire

To fire push the dart, in this case a yellow rod, into the uncovered hole then hold the elastic band and the rod back and release to fire.



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    I removed this instructable from the 'uC because I didn't see any mention of a uC. Regards, ian.

    guys stop hating of block triggers, some people don't care about the trigger, don't like it don't look at it

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    hello me ps this shots 20 to 30 feet if it is done right