7 Year Old Girl Install a Firgelli Linear Actuator in Her Home to Make Doing Her Chores Easier.

About: Firgelli Automations is one of the original linear actuator and TV lift manufacturers. Since 2004 Firgelli has been developing their own line of linear actuators, track actuators, TV lifts, desk lifts, and m...

By Firgelli Automations

Watch this 7 year old girl install a Firgelli Linear Actuator in her home to make doing her chores easier. She used a 12v Battery and a remote control unit and 2" stroke linear actuator all from FirgelliAuto.com If a 7 year old girl can do this, then so can you.

One of her chores is to put the Blankets away in a Blanket box, she complained of having to put the Blankets down and open the box manually then one day said is there an easier way. Well of course when there's a Linear actuator laying around of course there's an easier way. She used a 2" stroke FA-RMS style actuator, a pair of MB1 bracketsfor each end of the actuator, a remote control unit (2CH-RC) and a 12vdc Battery, (FA-Battery-12v), all available on our website. This took about 5 mins to install so what could be easier. The video says it all.

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