70's Disco Gold Costume.

About: I like to sew clothes and outfits together.

This is a shiny liquid gold lame' costume outfit that is made up of 2 separate pieces (a bodysuit and exact matching pants) and is definitely very 70's Disco Glam! This costume is perfect for Halloween or that awesomely epic 70's Disco themed party! Please leave comments below of what you think of the whole entire costume!

Step 1: Materials Used.

4 yards of 100% polyester liquid gold lame' fabric.
4-5 yards (just to be safe) of 3/8 inch lingerie-grade elastic. (amount of length will vary)
Less than 1 yard of 1/2 inch (1" width could be used as well) elastic for the pants waistline. (length varies)
Black velcro or even a zipper. (length varies)
Black sewing thread.
Sewing Machine. (for sewing the items together)

Step 2: The Complete Bodysuit and Pants.

Awesome, ain't they?



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