72V 29Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack

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Intro: 72V 29Ah Lithium-ion Battery Pack

This is how we build the 20s10p battery pack we made for the Nobuo-01 solar assisted electric vehicle. this is our highest energy pack at the moment with the following specifications:

- 20 serial, 10 paralleled 2.9Ah 3C max continuous Samsung INR18650 29E LiNiCoAlO2 (NCA) Lithium-ion cells

- Spot welded with 0.1mm x 6mm pure nickel strips.

- 45A max continuous balancing function built-in BMS.

- 12 AWG Wires according with the BMS and the aimmed max discharge of 40A continuous (for higher discharge you need 10AWG or greater gauge)

- 460mm perimeter insulation shrink wrap

- Anderson SB50 for discharge port

- XT60 for charge port- weight: 9.65Kg

- Volume: 3.8 litersPerformance:

- 80Amax continuous capabilities

- 160Amax burst capabilities

- 45Amax continuous limited

- 130Amax burst limited

- energy density: 540Wh/L

- specific energy: 215Wh/Kg.



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