7.2v-14v Charging Hack

Introduction: 7.2v-14v Charging Hack

This is a Simple Supplement to my Scorpion 12v Battery Pack


If you have or acquire an old Charging pod for a drill Battery Pack (Good Will, Garage sale etc...there cheap)

Option #1 simply tear open an old bad battery pack and solder the positive wire (with alligator clip) to the outer notch and negative to the other (make sure what post is going to what end of the battery)

and use alligator clips to attach to the Battery Terminals.

Option #2 create your Alligator clip wires and then find any way to create a plug to hold the wires in the correct notches of the charger (is all I do) low impact to the battery pack that can be rebuild...the inside of most charger pods have a wedge type holding clip for battery post so you only have to find a way to get the wire to hold solid in the pod.

NOTE: Double check all polarity is correct & Anytime you use different batteries on new charge, keep a watchful eye and hand on the pack to assure its not getting too hot! * If using just wires...attach all connection and Then Plug In....WHEN DONE... Unplug Pod charger prior to the battery wires...Just because...lol

These normally cover a decent range of battery sizes This one will peak charge any pack from 7.2v-14.4v

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