$8 Betta Fish & Flower Vase

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This is a great gift idea that costs only $8! Thats right! Everyone who has seen my vase has wanted one and they are super simple to make!

You will need:

- *1* Betta Fish $2.99 Petco

- Peace Lily $3.99 Safeway

- Vase $1.00 Dollar Tree

- Stones or colored marbles $1.00 Dollar Tree

- Blue Gatorade $1.00 Dollar Tree

*Note* Betta Fish fight to the death. Only one per vase. Also. Don't cross them.

*Note* Blue Gatorade is the best flavor

*Note* Glacier Freeze is not blue Gatorade. Glacier Freeze is a mountain flavor.

Step 1: Wash You Stuff

Wash your rocks / marbles and your vase! Who knows what kind of chemicals have been in there! The rocks and the vase should be clean so that your fish is happy and healthy!

Gently place some stones / marbles at the bottom of the vase. Don't drop them in. It could break your vase!

Now fill up your Vase a little bit with some lukewarm water to for your fish.

Step 2: Clean Your Peace Lily

Clean off all the dirt from your Peace lily. This can be done with a hose. Massage the roots gently as you spray the dirt away. Take your time and be patient. The cleaner it is the happier you will be in the long run. Trust me it is worth the extra effort to get every little piece of dirt you can.

Step 3: Create Your Plant Holder.

Take your Gatorade. Chug it. This is the only way your project will be successful. *Important* Robots should use caution with this step.

Now we will form the rock catcher at the top of the vase. This will hold the plant, the rocks, and positions your plant how you like it.

After washing out your Gatorade bottle tip the bottle upside down and put it in your vase to see where the best place to cut your bottle is. This should be about 1.5 - 2.0 inches but it really does not matter as long as it does not come over the vase. Mark it with a black sharpie as I have done in the picture. Now cut it off with some scissors. Also be sure to off the top part right below the orange band to make it look good. If done right it should look like the second picture. I used some heavy duty scissors and a little saw.

Step 4: Put It All Together

1. Pour your fish in the vase

2. Put your Gatorade rock catcher at the top of your vase so it fits snug.

*Optional* You can buy water drops for your betta fish.

*Optional* Don't be afraid to trim the roots back if they are too long. Don't worry they will grow back!

3. Slip your plant into the vase through your rock catcher.

4. After it is snug and where you want it add rocks to help position the plant upright.

5. Fill in any extra water needed, but keep a little tiny bit of air at the bottom so that the water can get a some oxygen.

*Note* Make sure you feed your fish.

Congratulations Human or Robot you have done it! I really hope you enjoyed my Instructable!



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    12 Discussions

    About this being a slow death wrong , Instead of a Peace Lilly Look up about carrying for a beta they ve come a long way plants feed fish and fish feed plants and vegetables they all grow in water or ponds but done GREEN. And as far as the fish resting by betta leaf at petco. study before preaching only people that act before searching every ave. need to get a new neighorhood of bad energy. Light, love, Listen and share the good and not the negative .

    I remember years ago when this was Popular I am glad I found this for part of an Idea Im creating . Ive been looking on internet a long time thank you this will help complete my task

    Carol PaulR

    2 years ago

    Holy crap...I was so excited about doing this until I read the comments on how it's a slow death...torture. .for the fish.....ewwwwe. ..forget it now


    3 years ago

    This is ridiculous. People who think this is okay, try living in your bathroom and never come out.


    3 years ago on Introduction



    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is torture for a fish. All fish want to swim, just because the male Betta's have a tendency to fight is no reason to raise them in a vessel the size of a jumbo coffee mug. What human wants to live in a closet forever? Betta fish love to swim, and what is really sad... is that when you give one a five gallon tank or larger, they have to actually learn how to swim after being confined to a cup at such a young age. It's so much more humane to do away with these tiny habitats and choose larger tanks as Betta habitats. Everyone should do some real research on Betta's, not just read the jargon fed to you by people in a position to make money off fish and undersized, overpriced tanks.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Please,remember that bettas in small vase miss space,(one Betta should have at least 3-4 gallons ), oxygen, food, and heat (since thy are tropical fishes they need at least 74° Fahrenheit)

    2 replies

    This is false. Betta fish can live in very little space. In fact sometimes they are sometimes sold in fish tanks that are incredibly small. They do not require oxygen, only air. You are absolutely correct. Food is needed and they are tropical fish 74 degrees is a good number.

    While bettas are widely believed to be able to live in small spaces in actuality it will result in a shortened and uncomfortable life for
    the fish; the smaller the container, the faster the fish's natural waste products, ammonia, will build up and can cause burns and
    suffocation and leaves the fish susceptible to infections. While bettas are quite hardy and will often survive such
    treatment for months, it is very stressful and painful for them to
    live in the tiny betta tanks or small vases. They should be kept at
    minimum in 2.5 gallons of conditioned and heated water; please ensure
    any container used for housing your pet fish is at least this large. If a
    cycled filter is not installed, 100% water changes should be done at
    least every other day to ensure the fish is not harmed by the build up
    of its own waste.

    hegure_ryu is absolutely correct. I would also like to add that Betta fish also need to eat. They are carnivores and in the wild will feed off of small insects and insect larva. If you think you Betta will be eating the roots of the plant, think again. If your Betta is picking at the roots he is not eating, he is in fact looking for food because he is starving to death.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Please remember that if you do this that beta are air breathers and need to be able to get to the water surface to breath. This became popular in my area quite a few years ago. Many beta drowned because people over filled the vase thinking they needed to for the plant.

    Another misconception was that the plant feed the fish or oxygenated the water. The plant doesn't feed the fish, nor does the plant provide oxygen to the water. It will take some of the nitrates from the water from the fish waste, but the oxygen producing parts the leaves are above the water, and the roots do not produce food for them.