8-Bit Sprite Posters (Link,Mario,Green Rupee)



Introduction: 8-Bit Sprite Posters (Link,Mario,Green Rupee)

You can make one of these based on ANY sprite you want (notice SNES sprites are MUCH harder to do than NES sprites). These instructions are specifically for making a poster of Link from The Legend of Zelda, but you can base other sprites off of this technique.

I'll even post some more pictures in case you want to make those. It shows how many pieces you need (and what color they should be). Base that picture off of these instructions and it should be just as easy.
Included: Mario, Green Rupee

1- Cut out 162 1'' x 1'' squares from thin cardboard. I used the the cardboard from a Hot Pockets box.
2- Paint 38 of the squares green. Make sure to paint on the brown side of the cardboard.
3- Let those sit to dry while you paint 54 of them a light tan color. The paint color i used was called "Old Parchment".
4- Paint 70 of the squares brown.
5- While everything is drying, prepare a  large piece of thick corrugated cardboard. (2' x 2' to be safe)
6- Once everything is dry, we'll get to the placement. First, based on this photo, or a real sprite from the original Legend of Zelda, set all of the squares in place on the cardboard ). Prepare a hot glue gun (or any other glue of your choice). One that's done, begin to glue the squares in place on the cardboard. Make sure it ends up exactly where it was before you picked it up. I worked from the bottom right then up, but you can do it anyway you like. If you used hot glue, you're likely to have hot glue strings everywhere. Typically, when this happens i get a lighter and melt all of the strings if i don't feel like removing them by hand. If you do this, be careful not to char any of the squares. When done, everything should be glued in place and you're just about done.
7- Get a utility knife (or scissors if you can't - although it's MUCH more tedious with scissors) and then cut off all of the excess cardboard, but leave a small section on the top. When that's done, make a small hole in the middle of the section on the top (for hanging it up).
8- You're finished! Hang this wherever you want. I'm sure it'll spice up the place (like it did with my door)

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