8 Compartment Magnetic Screw/Washer Holder

Introduction: 8 Compartment Magnetic Screw/Washer Holder

Are you tired of losing important screws or washers when you're assembling or disassembling a project??

Well I've got the solution for you!

Introducing the state of the art 8 Compartment Magnetic Holder for an assortment of metal bits and pieces

- Easy to Design and Print

- Eliminates the need for screw hunting

- Compact and easy to store

As you read through this instructable, you'll be able to design one of your very own!

Step 1: Open AutoDesk Inventor and Begin a New Part

This is pretty straightforward, open the AutoDesk Inventor application and select "Part" at the home screen

Step 2: Start 2D Sketch in Any Plane

Once you have clicked on "Part", click "Start 2D Sketch" and select any one of the orange rectangles, otherwise known as planes

Step 3: Create the Rectangular Base

- In the Sketch tab, select rectangle (should already be pre-selected to two point rectangle) and click anywhere in the plane for the starting point

- Afterwards, make the width 8.50 inches and the height 4.10 inches and left click once you are done

Step 4: Sketch the Horizontal Divider

- Create another rectangle and place the starting point at the midpoint of the left line (the mouse will detect a green point letting you know that you are at the midpoint)

- Then choose the height as 0.1 inches and width as 8.5 inches

- Afterwards, click on "Dimensions" and choose either horizontal line of the rectangle you just sketched and then clicked the corresponding line of the larger rectangle

- Once the dialogue box pops up, type 2 inches

Step 5: Create Top and Bottom Divider/Wall

- At the bottom left corner, create another rectangle with the same dimensions as the middle divider

- Repeat this for the top left corner as well

Step 6: Create First Vertical Divider

- Starting at the top left or bottom left corner, create a rectangle with the dimensions being 4.1 inches for height and 0.1 inches for width

Step 7: Create the Following Vertical Dividers

- Start another rectangle at the very top line and make the dimensions the same as the initial vertical divider

- Click dimensions and have the space between the two dividers 2 inches

- Repeat this process two more for a total of 5 vertical dividers

Step 8: Trim the Lines Between the Divider

- At this point you can delete all Dimensions by clicking on them and pressing delete on the keyboard

- Select "Trim" and begin clicking on each line so that your end product should look like what is shown above

Step 9: Extrude the Walls

- Click on the 3D Model Tab and select "Extrude"

- Then click on the bordering walls and choose 1.5 inches as the extrusion length

- Afterwards, on the left side bar click the down arrow next to "Extrusion 1" and right click "Sketch 1" and choose "Share Sketch"

- Another copy of the sketch should now appear above "Extrusion 1"

- Select that sketch and then click Extrude, select every individual square and put the extrusion length to 0.2 inches

Step 10: Export the File

Congratulations, you have completed the product!

- Now to be able to print this product click on the "File" tab, "Export", then "CAD Format"

- For the "Save as Type" change it to STL

- Afterwards, press "Options" then change units to inches

- Once this has been done, rename the file as needed and save where you'd like to

Step 11: Add the Magnets

- Once you have printed out the part, attach the magnetic squares inside each compartment, each compartment should be able to hold 4 squares in a 2x2 formation

Below is the link for the magnets


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    2 years ago

    This is great! Were you able to print the holder?