8 Paper Clips Hacks




Introduction: 8 Paper Clips Hacks

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Unusual uses of paper clips.

Will be update every time I found any new ideas.

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Step 1: Store Your Cables

Step 2: Organize Your Cables

Step 3: Organize Your Ear Phone On-the-go

Step 4: Making a Picture Frame

Step 5: Keep Your Fingers Safe From Cutting by Shaver While Searching You Bag.

Step 6: Hold Your Recipes While Cooking

Step 7: Tp Save Your Toothpaste and Your Time

Step 8: Hold Your Teabag

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awesome tricks, thanks

Slap me in the head--duh! Number 6 and 7 were have you been all my life? Love this posting!

Ooooh, #8 Is a great idea!

Oh my God I'm an organizing maniac and you just made my day! Thank you!!!

It's how I hang my calendar on the wall in my kitchen. I clip the binder clip over the page(s) at the top, fold the front down to stabilize the page of the month, and then use the other part (loop) to hang it from the screw I have in the wall (although a picture hanger would work, too. A plus is that if your calendar gets "floppy" at the top, just add some cardboard or heavy paper to the back and the clip holds it, too, and stiffens the top.

I also wanted to add: as an artist, I use these clips on big tubes of paint. helps to get that last bit of paint out of the tube!

So glad you are sharing it with others! I have done this for years.

Not sure if my reply came through so if this is a repeat sorry.
Never thought about making an instructable, I just might for the fun of it. These are simple enough.


I use them for marking clothing alterations - they keep my mom from getting poked with straight pins, plus they are easy to adjust if I didn't get it quite right the first time. They also work well in the garden, when I have to enclose a tempting vegetable plant in nylon netting to keep critters out - just hold the netting together and clip the open edge with however many clips you need.

Those are so clever. I've got some but I've almost never used them. How great!

You can also use a push pin to hang the tube on the wall. Especially good in a too small, no storage space bathroom, or so kids can reach it easlily

NICE!!! I've got tons of these, now I know what to do with them. Keep the ideas coming.