8 Point Shuriken That Turns Into a Circle




We will make an 8 point shuriken, if you push/pull on the outsides then it will change

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Step 1: What You Will Need

8 pieces of paper, i will be using sticky notes

Step 2: If You Are Using Paper

You need to fold 1 corner up like so, and then fold the top down and crease it, cut or tear it

Step 3: Fold the Side Up

Obviously it does not matter which side, they are squares, but if you are using sticky notes i suggest splitting sticky side in half

Step 4: Fold Each Corner to the Opposit Side

Step 5: Flip It Over, Fold Sticky Parts Towards the Center

Step 6: Finishing It Up

Fold it in half, so the tabs are on the inside, push down the back middle to get a diamond shaped thing.

Step 7: Repeat This With All 8

Keep repeating steps 1-6 for all papers

Step 8: Put One on Top of Another, Put the Back of the Front One in the Back, Repeat

Then you are done!! Push in the sides to turn it into a shuriken

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