8-bit Super Mario Bros. Cheep Cheep

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Hello everyone, today I’m sharing how to make 8-bit pixel Cheep Cheep from the NES version of Super Mario Bros. I followed the same technique I used to create 8-bit pixel Link from the original The Legend of Zelda game.

You can watch the video tutorial for Link below. Continue reading for Cheep Cheep's instructions.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

To create 8-bit Cheep Cheep you will need to gather the following tools and supplies:

Step 2: Route Along 1 1/2" Wide Grid Lines

Use a ruler or yard stick to mark grid lines spaced 1.5″ apart onto the small sheet of plywood.

Install a v-groove router bit and route along the grid lines. Use a clamp edge guide to ensure straight lines.

Step 3: Cut Out Cheep Cheep's Silhouette

Cut out the Cheep Cheep’s shape with a jigsaw (or use a bandsaw or scroll saw).

Step 4: Prep Cheep Cheep for Painting

Sand between the grooves and sand the surface of Cheep Cheep. I used scrap piece of wood to support the sandpaper as I sanded between the grooves.

Spray Cheep Cheep with white spray primer.

Step 5: Paint Cheep Cheep's Pixels

Paint each pixel on Cheep Cheep. Painting between the grooves is a little tricky. Use painters tape to maintain clean lines. I was impatient and used paint brushes for painting miniatures to paint in the crevices.

If necessary, apply multiple layers of paint. Once the paint is dried, protect the finish with a clear coat.

Step 6: Hang on a Wall and Enjoy!

I am really happy with how pixel Cheep Cheep turned out and look forward to working on my next pixel project!

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    1 year ago

    Nice woodwork :)
    Thanks to you previous and current guide, I made another piece from Mario World


    1 year ago

    I voted for you of course! :D We had a good showing this contest! :D