8 Shot Knex Hand Cranked Gatling Gun



Introduction: 8 Shot Knex Hand Cranked Gatling Gun

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should i post this gun?
     it shoots 8 small white or grey rods as fast as you can spin it, and it goes about 25 feet with one doubled rubber band on each barrel.  the downsideis that it takes a while to load.

P.S. that is my sis in the back... she is there because she filmed the beginning...

 link for pics: www.instructables.com/id/pics-of-the-hand-cranked-gatling-gun/



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    looks to simple and easily breakable but five stars for your little sister

    the frame is a little flimsy, but I designed it like that intentionally. because the prongs on the bottom dig into the carpet I can flex it slightly to adjust where it aims(up or down)