800-961-1963-Fix Apple IMac "Bluetooth Not Available" Error Message


Introduction: 800-961-1963-Fix Apple IMac "Bluetooth Not Available" Error Message

Some of the Mac users have encountered an accidentally disappearance of Bluetooth hardware, especially when they updated OS X operating system. The most noticeable sign is that no Bluetooth hardware functions, be it a keyboard, mouse, headset, or other hardware connected to the Bluetooth, and when trying to go to the settings of OS X, a “Bluetooth: Not Available” error message is seen on the screen.

Bluetooth turns life much comfortable in a way that we don’t actually feel it. So many things can be executed on the Bluetooth device with increased efficiency, particularly with some important features such as stability, handoff, file sharing and more.

As verified solutions are available here, you should not get dismayed if you encounter the error message. With the help of reliable Apple tech support services offered by third parties, you can easily get out of the situation and bring the Bluetooth hardware back to its life on your iMac. If you are looking for Apple contact number search here or visit Apple supportpage here to fix iMac error message "Bluetooth Not Available."

After working through the problem, you will come to know that it can be resolved easily through few steps. Here are the corrective measures:

Trash Bluetooth Preferences & Shutdown the Mac:

First of all, you should remove the Bluetooth list and set a new one to remove all the corrupted entries that might be causing the issues. To do so, you need to hit the Command+Shift+G to find “Go To Folder” and give the path /Library/Preferences/.

Afterward, find the file named “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist” and remove it from the list. In addition, you may also find “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist.lockfile,” remove it as well. And lastly, you can restart your Mac computer.

Reset SMC and Power Function:

On the other hand, resetting SMC (System Management Controller) can also fix several hardware issues with increased accuracy. If the methods mentioned above are not functioning properly, you can reset the SMC settings to fix the problem instantly. For a better and more reliable support, search for Apple customer service numberdial here to help fix Apple iMac by getting online technical support services from certified Apple technicians.

There are some independent tech support companies available with accurate and certified techniques for fixing any types of hardware issues identified in you Mac computer. You can select a particular one based on your requirements and the way how your selected technician can fix the problem.



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