800-961-1963-Intelli Atlas's Top 10 Security Tips

Introduction: 800-961-1963-Intelli Atlas's Top 10 Security Tips

Intelli Atlas is a well-famed independent organization that extends its technical expertise to the users who encounter technical glitches in their computer systems or other devices. In addition, the company does also offer valuable support to fix corrupted files and in software and applications.

In addition to some common technical problems identified in your computer system, there is a huge possibility to have cyber threat due to frequent use of internet and networked computer systems.

As a reliable and certified technical support company, Intelli Atlas suggests going for a comprehensive protection solution that can offer reliable protection against possible risks. Norton security suite is believed to be one of the most reliable and effective options that identify malicious elements and remove them completely.

To run the protection suite successfully, it is necessary to have better and more reliable Norton support.

Here are top ten security tips for computers and hand-held devices suggested by Intelli Atlas:

· Be always ready to overcome suspicious activities done by spammers and hackers

· Use a good mix of words and characters to create password. And you should avoid using same pass keys for different websites

· Open email attachments very carefully, as it is a common source to get malware programs on your computer. If the attachments seem unauthorized or unknown, delete the message.

· You should avoid booting your computer with the help of floppy disks. This is a common route that attracts malware and suspicious programs from outside.

· Keep on updating the anti- virus software so as to stay ahead and keep your computer system at arm’s length

· Scan incoming email messages and attachments so as to avoid any potential malicious threats through attachments

· Sensitive activities, such as financial deeds or shopping, must only be accomplished on a device or computer system that securely belongs to you, or a network that you rely on.

· Back up your data files regularly so as to avoid any potential loss

· If you have Norton installed on your computer, make sure it is functioning well. In case of any technical problem, you should dial Norton support phone number to access a reliable tech support.

· Be attentive what types of external devices you are plugging in your computer system. Malware can speedily spread out in your computer through the external drives.

These are top ten security tips that Intelli Atlas offers to the computer users. In addition, the technical support company does also extend its valuable Norton technical help to the users who encounter technical errors while scanning their computer systems using Norton security software.

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