800-961-1963-Need Screenshot of Mac OS X El Capitan

Introduction: 800-961-1963-Need Screenshot of Mac OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan (Mac 10.11) is the 12th most preferred edition of OS X, which is basically aimed at improving performance, ensuring security and stability. OS X EI Capitan is said to have a lot of amazing features and applications that were included in this operating system. And getting screenshot of the Mac OS X EI Capitan is one among the most sought-after features.

Screenshots are largely preferred by the Mac users because it allows them to send the screenshots to others so as to make them see the computer system. They can show others exactly what is happening on the computer screen. This feature is generally being used to share funny conversations, interesting elements, and so many other things.

But most of the users are still uninformed how to take screenshots of Mac OS X EI Capitan. Though the process doesn’t involve much of technical tasks, however you should be in touch with expert technicians so as to avoid any potential issues. You can also contact Apple support here at the support page that with redirect you to the expert technicians.

Here are the steps to take screenshots of Mac OS X EI Capitan:

While taking screenshots, you may have different preferences. If you want to:

· Take a screenshot of the whole screen

· Take a screenshot of a window or the menu bar

· Take a screenshot of part of the screen

· Take a screenshot of menu bar

Whatever your preference is, you have to go through the following steps mentioned below:

Take a screenshot of the whole screen:

Ø Press Shift-Command-3.

Take a screenshot of a window:

Ø Press Shift-Command-4

Ø Take the pointer to area on the screen where you have to take screenshot.

Ø Press the mouse, and then move over the area you have to create an image.

Ø When you are assured and all set to take the screenshot, leave the pointer.

Take a screenshot of a particular section of the screen:

Ø Press Shift-Command-4

Ø Push the space bar

Ø Scroll the camera pointer over a particular section that you have screenshot and click Ok

Screenshot of Menu bar:

Ø Open the menu to show the menu commands

Ø Push the Shift-Command-4

Ø Scroll the pointer over the whole menu section.

Ø And finally, move the camera pointer to the section what you want to screenshot

Thus, you have four preferences and their steps to complete the process successfully. If you don’t want to experience any potential hurdle in this course and want to search for Apple customer service, visit here at Intelli Atlas Inc. and get the best support in real time.

Regardless of visiting service center or signing in to community forum in search of technical assistance, you would better reach out to Intelli Atlas that is an independent tech support company, offering its services at affordable cost.



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