800-961-1963-Restoring From an ICloud Backup

iCloud permits Apple users to access their calendars, documents, photos, contacts, music, and much more from the drive. It is considered the best online data storage server available in the market. If incidentally your mobile gets misplaced or lost, then you don’t need to get worried. Users just have to login iCloud id and they will get all the data which was saved earlier by them. iCloud Drive is restricted to OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Users won’t be able to access any data stored in iCloud Drive unless they are on either of the two OS. Thus, users can take the assistance of a third party tech support provider. Intelli Atlas, an independent tech support provider, offers Apple iCloud technical assistance. To connect Apple support numberdial here to get help onforgotten iCloud backup from certified Apple technicians.

Users can select to set up iCloud drive at the time of setting their iPad or iPhone. On the other hand, users can set up iCloud Drive at any time they wish to, from the settings app. If users had previously used iCloud data and documents, then iCloud drive will replace it automatically.

Reasons to use iCloud Drive:

· Easier to explore

· No boundary of device and space

· Cross-platform accessibility

· Protect valuable contents

· Using multiple back-ups

· Shield valuable contents

· Better integration

· Access from manifold apps

· Using several backup

Restore iPhone from iCloud:

In order to restore iCloud backup, users need to erase all of their iPhone's data and settings. Furthermore, they need to restore from a particular iCloud backup. Users cannot selectively collect information from two backups, so they may have to choose one method of restoring a data.

Let’s follow the process of restoring iPhone information from iCloud:

· At first, back up your iPhone with iTunes and iCloud.

· You need to launch your settings up from your iPhone.

· Tap general, then scroll down and need to tap reset.

· Select ‘Erase all content and settings’.

· Once getting restarted with your phone, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and to restore an earlier backup.

· Tap ‘restore from iCloud’ and opt the backup that you'd wish to use.

Users can visit Apple supportpage to restore iCloud backup page to Apple device by taking help assistance from certified technicians.

Approach Intelli Atlas for receiving tech support for a large variety of third party brands, products, and services. You should give an instant call to the company’s tech expert advisor for receiving install and fix software/hardware, instant support, and easy solutions.

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