8000 Lumen LED Dewalt Flashlight Mod




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This instrucable will show you how to modify a Dewalt 18v incandescent cordless light. The modification entails adding a 18V to 35V dc/dc step-up converter and a 8000 lumen LED.

Step 1: Materials



Dremel with cutting tool - To check out my homemade All purpose Dremel blade click HERE

Soldering Iron and solder

Wire Strippers

Skrew Driver - Flat head and torx

DMM - Digital Multimeter


100W - 8000 lumen LED - Ebay

18V - 35V dc/dc step-up Converter 150W

Dewalt 18V cordless Light

Thermal Compound

Step 2: Disassembly

- First take the battery out of the light to be safe

- Take the two torx screws out from the light head. The top torx screw has a pin in the middle which can be snapped off using pressure and a small flat head screwdriver if you don't have the right bit.

- Unscrew the lens

Step 3: Mounting the Dc/dc Converter and LED

- Drill a hole in the top of the Light this is used to feed wires into the light.

- Solder the LED onto the output wires coming from the converter. Make sure the polarity is correct on the LED.

Step 4: Shaping the Heatsink

This LED gets extremly hot! Be carful!

- Cut, Grind, File the heat sink to fit inside of the light housing

Step 5: Putting It All Back

- Once the heat sink is shaped to fit inside the housing, use thermal compound to adhere to the LED. This helps transfer the heat away from the LED.

- Screw the side covers together

Step 6: Fitting the Lens

- Cut the Lens using a Band saw or Grinder

- Screw the lens on to tighten the LED

Step 7: The Video



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    Ryan DepaceGuyTech797

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hey guytech,

    The light before hand I wouldn't say is completely waterproof considering there are no seals. The circuit that I added is not waterproof, but it would be cool to build an enclosure. Printing one using a 3D printer would be awesome.