8000 Lumen Led Flashlite

Introduction: 8000 Lumen Led Flashlite



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    I have the parts to build, but I am new to this section of electronics. Does the heatsink require a power supply? And how do you wire ally he battery cases together correctly? Thanks.

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    Do not water to heat sink there is no need to or connections you're wearing a series circuit and negative to positive to switch to LED back to battery


    2 years ago

    love it!

    I build a 100 W LED too. Maybe some hints for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh3FTfb5i74

    I plan on making one
    like yours, but I might leave it on for long periods of time.

    I have a few questions:

    • How
      many amps is it drawing when it is directly connected to the 8
      batteries? (I am not too sure but LEDs can draw more amps than the rated
      max amps for the flashlight if not regulated.
    • How
      hot (hot to the touch/warm/etc) does the heatsink get when it is running
      for about 3 minutes. (Is your fan running at full power too?) I am
      deciding if I should get a 50W or a 100W depending on the heat
    • About how long does the batteries last before it gets dim?

    I am really excited to build one myself because of yours. I hope you can answer some of my questions.

    And Some instructions with some pictures would be awesome as well.