888-606-4841-Outlook Setting to Setup Email Accounts


Introduction: 888-606-4841-Outlook Setting to Setup Email Accounts

Microsoft has designed Outlook.com as an alternative to Google Gmail. By using Outlook you can arrange your favorite email client to send and receive emails through your outlook.com email account. To configure email of clients, it is a must that you know the Outlook.com mail server settings. To set up email accounts in your Outlook account, you can visit page for Outlook support for help on how to setup multiple email accounts in Outlook and get instant support from the certified Outlook experts in an efficient manner.

If you are setting up new email addresses with a third party client, then it is normally a very easy uncomplicated process. Unfortunately, with Microsoft Outlook, there are some unseen options that can cause issues when setting up your email accounts. For this, you can take help from a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas and get instant support for setting up your Outlook account.

How to set up email accounts in Outlook?

First of all, you need all the important information for your email account that you will use when setting up Outlook. To do this, simply log into cPanel > Under the Emails category> tap on Email Accounts.

Now look for the email address you want to set up, and tap on More > Configure Email Client.

After this, you will get the information you need to use for setting up your email. You can keep this page open, or copy the information for later use also setting other accounts. In case you confront any sort of issue in setting up an account, then you can take help from Intelli Atlas and get instant help from experts in a proficient manner. You can also dial Microsoft® Outlook support phone number for help on Gmail account configure in Outlook or configure Outlook yahoo account from this company and get instant support for the same.

Now choose the second option for manual setup and click on the next button.

Choose the second option for IMAP and POP.

After this on the next page, you will find the information you gathered earlier:

· Your Name: You can change your name accordingly if you want; this is your name that will show up when you send emails to your clients.

· Email Address: Enter the email address that you are setting up.

· Account Type: Choose IMAP or POP3.

· Username: After you enter your email address, Outlook will automatically fill in the name of your email address. Ensure the information here is your complete email address.

· Password: lastly set your email account’s password.

· After you have filled out this information, it looks like you’ve successfully set up your email account and ready to proceed to the next step.

· Next, you will need to go to the Advance tab. In this simply go to Incoming Server and make sure SSL is selected from the encrypted connection type. Now click ok to save settings.

For any type of difficulty dial, a toll-free Outlook support phone number and get instant help from certified Outlook experts in a couple of minutes.

By applying these steps you can access your emails from your computer easily without any issues. After setting up one email account, there is no trouble in setting up any number of future email accounts with Outlook. For more help and technical assistance, you can simply contact Intelli Atlas certified technicians to set up email accounts in Outlook.



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