8bit 1-Up Cardboard Mushroom Poster




Introduction: 8bit 1-Up Cardboard Mushroom Poster

A sequel to my old 8bit Link poster. It was a present i made for my brother's 19 birthday. In my opinion, it is much higher quality than it's predecessor. The process is very time consuming, but rewarding in the end. I had to count the amount of pixels for each color and cut out about 180+ 1in x 1in squares from thing cardboard, then paint a certain amount of them for each color in the sprite. It was very tedious ._. - After painting them all, I had to set them on a large piece of cardboard and hot glue each individual pixel into place. After that, I cut out the cardboard around the sprite with a utility knife. After that, I cut a small square of cardboard and cut a small triangle into it so the poster could be hung up with a nail. I have more detailed instructions on my old Instructable here :

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't made Hyrule Crest (too hard) and made this instead:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, your posters are really fun and inspiring. I'm making a Hyrule Crest one tomorrow. :)