8w DIY LED Herb Garden




Over-wintering herbs can be tough without adequate lighting. This is a simple and efficient solution that can be placed almost anywhere such as on the kitchen counter or in a shelving unit. I suggest you take time to research and study basic electronic circuitry and the safe operation and handling of high powered LED modules.

Step 1: Heat Sink Construction

For the heat sink i chose 1-1/2"×1/8" aluminum and cut 2 pieces at 8". After clamping the two pieces together eight holes were drilled using a 5/32" drill bit with the two center holes to be used for mounting the LED. Using fine grit emery cloth the pieces were then polished to a smooth buffed finish. 8-32×1/2 machine screws were used to clamp the two pieces with nuts and washers securing it and as well as the two hanging brackets.

Step 2: Driver Preparation

The driver you choose will depend entirely on the LED(s) chosen for the luminaire. In this case a single Bridgelux Vero 10 4000k 80cri COB will be powered by a generic 6-10 watt 300mA driver. .25 insulated crimp-on terminals were used on both the AC side as well as to connect a pre-fab 12" Molex Pico-EZmate harness(not pictured) made to fit the Veros on-board connection port.

Step 3: LED Placement

Apply an adequate amount of thermal paste to the aluminum pad on the back of the module. Gently push down while being careful not to touch the yellow phosphor lens. Screw down gently alternating between screws as they tighten up.

Step 4: Final Setup

After securing and double checking all connections its time to plug it in. A simple polarized 16/2 extension cord with .25 crimp-on terminals and an inline switch will be used in this example. Take care not to look directly at the emitter when powered on. Place over a pot of your favorite herbs and enjoy them all the winter.

Step 5: 48" Veggie Light

Here is a 9"×48" fixture using the same Vero 10 4000k powered by a 40w 320mA driver. It is very light weight and generates very little heat.

Step 6:



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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    What is the forward voltage on the vero 10? Are you running them in parallel with the 40w driver? If not what driver are you using? I have been looking into using vero10s for a light using meanwell LDD drives and control them with an arduino but the spec sheets I've seen show to high of a forward voltage to run them in series. Thanks!
    nice light!

    DonOrganicAkin Yildiz

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks. The LED is a Bridgelux Vero 10 4000k. You light looks effective. What are you growing there?

    Akin YildizDonOrganic

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    i see that you've mentioned the type of LED in the article right now. sry :)


    i have citrus and lychee trees. it's too cold outside right now for them, i bring them in for the winter time. i have many other light designs both with fans and without; https://www.instructables.com/id/indoor-horticultur...


    we have similar styles, we should maybe invent a piece that can be attached to the pot at any time and can be taken off anytime as well. to any pot basically.. and be height adjustable as well..

    DonOrganicAkin Yildiz

    Reply 4 years ago

    I have 2-3 more designs on the go. Just waiting for parts and the building will begin.