8x8x8 LED CUBE With Arduino+PCB Board




This project is inspired by 5.1m views posted by Chr (https://www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/)and I simplified some of process make it easier for most of us to do.

here are some tips during my process:

1. Use Arduino instead of micro chip to do the control unit . it will save lots of time to make the control board and learn how to program the AVR micro chip. I use Arduino uno .it has many code with ledcube on the internet also it much easier to how to program with Ardunio rather than micro chip.

2. Use a thick carton paper (yes , cut the paper carton pack of your TV, it is ok )instead of wooden jig if you don't have tools to handle wood. It is not as good as wooden jig but it is acceptable.

3. Use your Samsung cellphone (or other Android phones USB charger )charger (5V 2A usually) as power source instead of the complicate DC power. (phone charger works good I promise.)

4. make a PCB for multiplexer board if you don't want 2 weeks full time(8 hours a day) soldering job and plus 1 week for debugging.

5. If you have some experience on electronic design , use Series (SPI .etc) data interface instead of parallel interface(which used in Chr design ) will simplified the data wires and save arduino ports .( 1 wires for data instead of 8 wires) . I am too late to find SPI is much simpler .

6. Use IC uln2803 instead of 16x PN2222 transistors array to do the layer control.( I still use transistor because already bought them.)

Step 1: Hand-made Multiplexer-board Vs PCB Board

1. The toughest job is soldering the multiplexer-board .I confess that I made a terrible job with chaotic Dupont wires (it is easier to reconnect then soldering wire) however I decide to design a PCB for mulitplexer board and manufacture in factory which is the best choose I made during this project.

Step 2: PCB Version of Multiplexer-board

I literally spent 1 week to study PADs and design the board . manufacturing 10 pcs pcb board by factory . As you see this stuff make the world a better place to make LED CUBE , it is neat and working well. ( BTW. I have 9 pcs PCB left , if anyone want to buy please let me know).

Step 3: A New Way to Make the LEDCUBE

BTW. after I almost finish this project I found a Chinese make post new way to solder the LEDCUBE compare to Chr's way which I think it is more effective and neat . I would like to share this post here ( sorry for in Chinese but many pictures )



OK more questions feel free to let me know, thanks!



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    5 Discussions


    Question 2 months ago

    Can you give me the pcb? also what code you used for arduino? thanks for this using arduino


    7 months ago

    Dear tomxu.

    Congrats for this PCB! Very professional. How I can buy on PCB for my project? Pls let me know for the instructions. Thanks. Paulo Arruda

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    no problem . send message me your email. I could send you for free if you can handle the freight .


    7 months ago

    Why this post?
    You say not much, not really.
    Easier work better code, but there is nothing.
    No real explanation, no schedule and no code.
    Something like that anyone can make it.
    Waste of time and internet data.
    I really pity. Is it to be able to sell your pcb? That you can do it by another way.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    sorry , I don't have enough time to put all schedule online. It was made long ago. If you want the pcb I could send you for free except the freight.