9 Cool Things I Have Knitted

About: When I get bored, I cook or knit. I get bored a lot.

I'll give a pattern to anyone who is interested...although some of this stuff I made a while ago, so I probably have lost the pattern by now. Most of my patterns I write on scraps of paper which I throw away.

-Pac man scarf, with fleece lining. Super warm!
-Purple cable hat
-Twisty blue scarf
-My first sweater! This sweater is super heavy and the warmest I've ever worn!
-Cabled fingerless hand/ forearm warmers. Kind of hard to see in the picture.
-Green slippers
-A cute bird
-Baby penguin (I knitted a bigger penguin, but gave it away as a gift.)
-Golden Snitch



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    3 Discussions

    Fig Rainbow

    4 years ago

    I would love a pattern for the pacman scarf if you still have it.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The pacman scarf/hat is so cool! I made actual 3-d pacman characters as crocheted amigurumi, and always joke that "I need to make them a maze to move through!" But that'd be insane to make.