9 LED VU Meter Runs From 12v

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This is a 9 LED vu meter which runs on 12v .its very simple and effective it works with any audio source. I have already built and tested this circuit it works fine. i designed this circuit for my friend he requested me to build 1 which should run from 12v power supply. All resistor's are quarter watt . The power supply should be 12v and input from audio system is shown in the circuit just hook it up and have fun. If you face any problem with this circuit than please communicate with me at- bishwa.baran.das@gmail.com and one last thing if you like this circuit than please le me know.

Parts list:-

IN4I48 X     9
BC557 X    1
BC547 X    9
470R    X    1
330R    X    9
4.7 K     X    3
10K       X    2
33K       X    2
39K       X    2
47K       X    2
4.7UF 25V    X 2
100K POT    X 1



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    2 years ago

    i have made it but is it running on 12vac or 12vdc

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